Spongebob Squarepants is Cancelled; Several Nicktoons in danger of cancellation


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Sep 23, 2001
Several Nicktoons in danger of cancellation

How much Klasky-Csupo can one man possibly handle?

It looks like Nick is about to find out.

Jerry Back, god-like cartoon historian, has let loose some disturbing news regarding the future of Nicktoons.

First of all, Nickelodeon has laid off the entire Spongebob Squarepants cast, after a meager 60 episodes. Whether Nick will run the remaining unaired episodes is unknown, although Nick has been known to do it before(The Angry Beavers continues to secretly air new episodes in the wee hours of the morning).

Second of all, Nickelodeon has been looking at the rest of the lineup, and is considering severely reducing the budget for the production staff, if not getting rid of them altogether. This would mean the end for Invader Zim and Hey Arnold.

But Klasky-Csupo shows will not be affected. In fact, it is likely that they will fill the void that these Nicktoons once filled. Klasky Csupo tends to have a higher budget than other studios because of their ability to produce low-cost episodes with high profitting merchandise.

If Nickelodeon abandons their animation studio, it won't be too dissimilar to back when they were just The Pinwheel Channel. But can a network that got so popular off of cartoons, remain popular without them?

Only time will tell.

[Sources: Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research(www.cartoonresearch.com), and personal digging through various TV schedules while shakily breathing.]
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