"Spider-Man/Spider-Verse" Sequel Pre-Release News & Discussion (Spoilers)

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Jul 24, 2006
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3 to 4 years is to be expected. You don't want to rush with animation. Toy Story came out in 1995, part 2 in 1999.

However you can take too long like Incredibles did.

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May 18, 2006
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Honestly, I have no idea how long the gap between animated sequels usually is. Four years just seemed like a long time, just to me, considering that it's a kids movie and Sony's most successful animation but I guess not. I figured production on a movie like this usually lasted about 3 years but again, I'm clueless about that stuff.
Again it is closer to 3 years then 4 years. Spider Verse 2 is April 2022. Spider-Verse came out December 2018. So that's three full years, three full months and like three full weeks from one another which yeah still edges more towards three then two. And honestly yeah sequels especially if they are being filmed one at a time and not one on top of another can take a fair amount of time to come out, especially animated sequels. Like really I think the only animated franchises that had consistent updates of a film less then say a bit more then every three years or so were stuff like Shrek (Dreamworks prime money make in the 2000s), Despicable Me (counting the Minions movies and that's Illumination's prime series) and Hotel Transylvania which is actually still Sony Animation's highest money making series technically. But yeah you do still need a fair amount of time to bring the team back together come up with the idea and start and finish the animation that yeah is still a lengthy process.

However you can take too long like Incredibles did.
Though the critical and even some of the fan response wasn't quite that strong, the super incredible Box office of Incredibles II would really showcase that series waiting 14 years for another entry did not hurt it in the slightest. Same honestly with the wait between any Pixar sequel; the shortest was yeah Toy Story 2 compared to one (and that was only because Disney was putting Pixar in a bind of even making a sequel in the first place that they were otherwise not going to do especially so close to the first) and even that was four years as even their shortest turn around overall series Cars had 5-6 years between all of it's entries while Toy Story 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 were like a decade wait and between the successes of those, Finding Dory and even Monsters University time between franchises is not a big thing with them. Heck even with Disney if it's the right franchise can still do gangbusters considering how successful Frozen II was. Really so long as you can drum up interest and love again in the franchise you can take your time getting one out there and that will certainly be the case for this movie as well. Which yeah will only come out in two years but with how still hyped people are on Spider Verse and Spider Man obviously still being pretty pop culture relevant within the time frame is still going to release and do well when it does hit.


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