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Feb 22, 2009
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If you hadn't seen, there's a group of fans out there creating their own comic book continuation of the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, doing the Jack the Ripper Carnage stuff and everything with art and painted backgrounds that are pretty darn on-brand for the show's look. This is pretty great work from the folks at Bomb Squad Comics and I recommend giving it a look. The first segment of the 2nd issue just was released yesterday.

Here's the first issue: Spider-Man ‘94 Issue #1 - Unfinished Business
Here's the first part of the second issue: Spider-man ‘94 Issue #2 - Something Old, Something New

Seeing how much buzz with fans the new Batman TAS book has been getting makes me wonder why Marvel doesn't try and do more honest-to-goodness books like that with any of their old animated shows. A show like Spider-Man TAS always seemed like a prime candidate that could have been capitalized on in some more substantial way... like making a mini-series much like this fan comic is doing by giving fans a good dose of nostalgia but also tying up loose ends that many have been talking about for 20 years.

Maybe the right business model for something like this would be to do them straight to digital release first like the new Batman TAS comics are doing, which I imagine is a much less risk intensive proposition. Maybe avoid printing costs for single issues to a potentially niche concept and then collect the whole thing in print as a trade paperback when it's done. Just in general I wish Marvel would do more riskier self-contained projects for the trade/hardcover market, more self-contained projects like the Spider-Man: Life Story mini series I mean!
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Nov 18, 2007
Nice title for the blog, made me laugh. Good thing that Cletus's debut episode had Spider-Man deal with a bomb. :D
I already knew that, but took them long enough for issue #2. I hope they will continue it and get the next part soon.
Not gonna be easy, with Xavier's schedule between videos, his regular job, and this. I'll cut them some slack.


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