Sony is a no-show for E3 2019.

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Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, and other developers still have games at the show floor though.

I think Sony is just taking off this year because the PS4 doesn't have much games coming out in late 2019 or early 2020. They're probably putting their resources in PS5 games, but they don't want to announce that until 2020.


Is this the future?!?
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It's becoming more and more apparent we're in a holding pattern until the announcement of the Playstation 5 and the XBox 4000 (or whatever they choose to call it).

It looks like "Death Stranding", "The Last of Us 2", "Cyberpunk 2077" and "Ghost of Tsushima" are the "final blast" of games for the end of this current generation of console games (over the next year or two). Sony's just biding their time, getting prepared for the next wave (around 2021 or 2022)...


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