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Todd Black

Apr 8, 2015
Are they really going to fix Sonic The Hedgehog? What will we think about it?
Needless to say, the Sonic The Hedgehog movie is under a lot of scrutiny, mainly because the first official trailer for the game showed a 3D model of Sonic that wasn’t (in many fans eyes) close to what the character looks like in the games.
So fierce was the backlash that the director and producer admitted their mistake and promised to fix it. Even delaying the movie in the process. During an interview, Tim Miller (director for the film) noted that he has seen the new version of Sonic and said that fans “will be pleased”. He went on to note:
“Look, I was with fans and so was Jeff,” Miller said. “When the s–t hit the fan, I went over there and said, ‘The most important thing to do, man, is say, ‘I f–ked up.’ He’d already sent a tweet out an hour before I got there. He’s a good man. It was exactly the right way...
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