"Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)" Feature Talkback (Spoilers)

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Neo Ultra Mike

Creeping Shadow of "15000"+ Posts
May 18, 2006
East Northport
Honestly I'm hoping for not just a sequel but for this to become like this big huge movie franchise. I mean Resident Evil got SIX movies and none of them was as good as this first Sonic movie and Sonic has plenty of story ideas within the games for plenty of other movies. In my mind I already have the perfect or at least what I imagine would be the perfect sequel idea lined up in my head that would easily lead into a third movie. And though I would want each movie to amp up the amount of Sonic representation and expanding the mythos of the canon I'd still want to happen at a good pace throughout the films. Thus I really think there's only two major Sonic characters the team should really focus on adapting for this second film: Tails (who was already hinted at the end of this movie) and Knuckles (considering we have already established echidnas in this movie makes sense to have Knuckles and IMHO I thought of the perfect explanation to actually explain why the Echidnas were after Sonic and how that ties into Knuckles and what would be good themes for a follow up) and only tease at say Amy and Shadow for a third movie. Like you want to make sure all the characters introduced are full of character and have a full arc as Sonic did for this movie so they shouldn't really go overboard just putting in a bunch of characters just because fans want to see certain mainstays. Like I feel confident this series can easily avoid a Mortal Kombat Annihilation problem by putting in too many players just for fanservice while still giving us Sonic fans what we want to see.


Well-Known Member
Jul 9, 2008
Paramount should also produce a TV series for All Access as part of that service's expansion into kids and family programming.