Something WB Animation should totally do

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Jul 9, 2008
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Tribune, Classic in cartoon venture

Back in 2005, what was then known as Classic Media joined forces with Tribune Media Services (now Tribune Content Agency) to develop animated programs based on the latter's IPs. DreamWorks Classics, now owned by NBCUniversal, still owns the media rights to TCA's IPs.

Warner Bros. Animation should form a similar pact with a rival comic strip syndicator - I was thinking King Features Syndicate. Owning the media rights to King Feature's properties would not only bring in new titles for Warner Animation Group, but also new shows for the Boomerang SVOD.

WBA of course has effectively owned the rights to the theatrical Popeye cartoons, based on one of KFS' most iconic properties, since 1996. I think WAG having the rights to produce a Popeye animated feature (which has been stalled in development heck for a long time) would be awesome.