So Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Can Have Ongoing Storylines But Wander Over Yonder Could Not?

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Nov 11, 2001
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This might sound like nutjob conspiricy theory talk but hear me out cause it's something I thought about recently.
So a while back I learned that Craig McCracken had a bit of a hard time with Disney over WoY since Disney would not let him make the show have an ongoing storyline in season 1, but he got to do so with the Lord Dominator arc in season 2 (though there still were some standalone episodes though they did reference the ongoing storyline) and then it got cancelled. Was I dissapointed, yeah but at least WoY got a good send off (even if it did hint at a third season). Then we have Star Vs The Forces Of Evil which started off pretty much having mostly standalone episodes (at least until Toffee showed up) and then season 2 comes along and has an ongoing storyline (though still with standalone episodes. And then season 3 comes along which brings a big season opening miniseries arc (The Battle For Mewni) and another ongoing storyline, actually several (Star trying to bring together monsters and Mewmans, the relationship drama, Queen Eclipsa, etc).

So with that in mind why is SvtFoE able to have ongoing storylines but WoY couldn't, I know TV execs think the target audience can't follow them (which I consider outdated thinking) but Disney clearly treats SvtFoE very it because the show is made by a woman and if they messed with it it could give them bad PR. I know thats crazy talk however given the way WoY was treated I can't help but think that


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Oct 5, 2014
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To be honest a show is honestly better when it doesn't have much of a story type, I prefer WOY over Star because the show wasn't complicated for my liking, and I think that it did really well just being individual in episodes.
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Jan 5, 2014
There does seen to be a bit of preference for Star given that it's the only Disney XD show to have a female as it's lead protagonist, and is the first Disney XD created by a woman (Disney's other female creator shows before this one are Sue Rose's Pepper Ann for Toon Disney & Chris Nee's Doc McStuffins for Disney Junior). As for why Star is given more leeway for storytelling than Wander, I'm not sure. Maybe it's because it's so different for Disney (it's a female led show not from Disney Channel or Disney Junior, it has quite a bit more black comedy and radar dodging moments than most Disney shows, etcetera), and it's explosive, fast paced energy made a bigger impact.
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Aug 14, 2015
I don't think it has to do with an ongoing story as much as it has to do with ratings. Wander Over Yonder wasn't bringing in enough ratings for Disney, so they cancelled it. Star, on the other hand, does well, so Disney keeps renewing it.
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