Sinclair To Launch 'KidsClick' Multiplatform Programming Block For Children


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Aug 20, 2017
I did come out of the blue tbh. They seemed to be doing quite well for a while, and then everything just came to a halt....

I never saw the metrics for the block, but Sinclair wouldn't have pulled the plug if it was doing well
My guess was it had to do with the move to TBD. TBD wasn't being carried on that many stations until This (under 50% Tribune Media ownership at the time) dropped KidsClick (that's how KTXL-TV got a TBD affiliate as a 4th programme on that channel, several other areas with a Tribune station added TBD as well). When This (IMO, a rather dumb name for a movie network. It seems to have come from the network's slogan at launch) was running the block there were an audio issue that regularly popped up for a good amount of time, TBD didn't have that issue.

This and KTXL-TV changed hands to Nexstar rather recently. That Nexstar purchase involved Tribune Media's channels and their two broadcast networks (This and Antenna TV) along with Tribune's cablecasts (Chicagoland Television, WGN America and a partial Television Food Network, G.P. (Food Network and Cooking Channel operators) ownership).

As for This... They're drifting away into TV shows, as when you tune into your local This during daytime, you'll find a TV show being ran instead of a film, as movies are only running around prime time and the night now. Mind you that Nexstar already has a network that deals in classic TV (Antenna TV), making having a movie channel bend toward TV shows to be (for lack of a better term) redundant. My area's supposed to replace This with CourtTV around the beginning of November.
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