Similarities between Rocket Power and Modern Family Guy?

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Mar 1, 2018
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To make the record straight, I always hated Rocket Power. Even before it was cool among internet circles to hate the show, I always thought it was a cheap cash in on the extreme trend that was popular at the time and wouldn't hold up well for years. But I've noticed more recently that it has the same problems as the revival era of Family Guy. It actually feels more like something Seth Macfarlane would make than Klasky Csupo.

- Both debuted in 1999.
- Both have unlikable characters that you can't cheer for.
- Both cashed in on a specific group and trend that was popular at the time. (Family Guy tried to appeal to teenagers who like OMGGG SO RANDOM! humor in the second go around of the show and Rocket Power tried to appeal to kids who were into extreme sports)
- Both are mean spirited.
- Otto Rocket and Peter Griffin are almost the same character. Both are egomaniacs, both treat their friends like trash and make them do stuff that almost get them killed.
- Both were incredibly popular, but they're considered to have not aged well or have held up as well today as they did in their heyday.

Am I the only one who's noticed this?


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