Should('ve) Butch Hartman buy ViacomCBS if he had the money?

Oct 11, 2010
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If any of you were at the live stream of YouTube user's LS Mark's birthday, me, a bunch of users, and Butch Hartman joked about Viacom becoming Hartman. ("I need to buy Nickelodeon to take over the world! -Butch Hartman, 2020).

That gave me thinking, for the longest time, Butch Hartman was this Walt Disney-esque figure to me. He may not of created SpongeBob, but EVERYONE remembers Butch's name, his shows, his style, his crew, and Timmy Turner has a "Mickey Mouse" sensibility (as hinted in the episode "The Good Ol' Days", as well as Mickey's adventurous side when it comes Timmy undoing his wishes). In fact, Butch made numerous apperances over the years, much like the television anthologies of Disney.

I was thinking, if Hartman had his way, could he have fathomed the money to buy ViacomCBS (or just Viacom) to take over Nickelodeon and have it named after him, also cancelling SpongeBob or pushing the sponge aside to make Timmy, Hartman's corporate symbol? Timmy's silly pink hat could be the mouse ears. It'd also make it easier to make a strong competitor to Disney, to have Paramount step up their game (especially with animation. I know Sonic was a start, but, still)

The Redstone fortune would be ousted like the Fleischers.


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Aug 14, 2015
He didn't seem to know what he was doing with Oaxis and while he could have learned from that, I'm not that hopeful he'd know what he'd be doing if he was in charge of ViacomCBS. Also, I personally think what you said he could do sounds terrible, and I'd rather Nick just remain the way it is now.

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Aug 5, 2002
This is a bit of an absurd idea, considering Butch Hartman would need 30 billion dollars, at a minimum, to buy ViacomCBS and that would include more than Nickelodeon, it would include Showtime, MTV, CBS, BET, etc, what would he do with those assets?

Hartman does not the ability to run a media empire of this size. If ViacomCBS gets acquired by someone else, it would likely just be a larger company, not a lone individual like Hartman.


Sep 26, 2011
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An obvious hack who only makes highly overrated shows that are just plain mostly mediocre to hot garbage (IMHO), with their only true legacy outside of their own glaring flaws/negatives being all the dirty/raunchy fan-art and messed up fan-fiction all over the net that they still generate to this day???

Nah - I'd rather give Ollie's Pack another chance to suck less than its first impression unfortunately does, admittedly enough. Nick is already doing bad enough by being so doggone stagnated / victimized by constant bad decisions, anyway.
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Oct 23, 2015
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Butch has his own network, Noog Network, which doesn't seem to have had that much success. He should keep to what he knows best: making series for networks instead of trying to run one.


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May 13, 2016
Even if I liked his series Danny Phantom (prefered it over Fairly Odd Parents as I found that show to be one of the two Nickelodeon shows that overstayed their welcome with the other being Spongebob Squarepants), I don't think that would've been a wise idea, given that he derailed his reputation less than a couple of years ago.
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