Should Nickelodeon try an action block again?

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Aug 31, 2018
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Tell me what you think. I believe it could add variety to the network, although there is a dent in action right now on Nick(with apparently losing Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rise of TMNT all but getting the shaft, Glitch Techs getting shipped to Netflix, and Kid Danger being cancelled... and also being). My idea is:

Nick-tion(airing Saturdays)
8 AM: The Adventures of Kid Danger
8:30 AM: Mysticons
9 AM: Rise of the TMNT
9:30 AM: Glitch Techs
10 AM: Upcoming Star Trek Series
10:30 AM: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
11 AM: Power Rangers Beast Morphers
11:30 AM: Henry Danger

There would also be a channel of the same name replacing Nicktoons, with this schedule airing Fridays on the network from 6-10 PM(with the Nick block being an encore), and remaining slots being filled with other action shows from the Nick catalog(Jimmy Neutron, Invader Zim, Teenage Robot, Avatar, The Troop) and several acquired reruns(Power Rangers, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!). What do you think?


Sep 26, 2011
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Strengthen the leadership by broadening their horizons on cartoons in general, first and foremost.

That's how you'll begin to see more action fare done well like Avatar TLA and Glitch Techs get to shine, again.
That begins with Nick giving the Sponge a long rest, lowering their expectations on ratings being equal to the Sponge, and not just making comedies, like they're obsessed with.

Take a page from Netflix - cartoons are more than comedy. Action, Drama, Horror - every regime that isn't Disney TV (since they don't have this problem at the moment), needs to take a page, especially Nick.

CN isn't any better off, though - they need to do the same, of only to give Nick proper competition like they did so well in the past (90's to mid 10's - where they focused on more than one genre regularly for varieties sake, not just overplaying certain comedy shows too much...).

Competition encourages more action cartoons, someday. Nick could always more of them, besides your actually brilliant idea to put butts in seats (for something other than video games/Youtube/etc. stuff with smartphones/tablets.), honestly.


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