Should Nickelodeon start taking chances again?

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Jun 17, 2015
*DISCLAIMER: This won't be a "complain about SpongeBob SquarePants" thread*

I just think it's time for Nick along with the rest of TV to take risks again

The current television landscape is full of derivative stuff and that needs to change!

In fact, Nickelodeon and the rest of TV should actually use SpongeBob as a subject for analysis when they're trying to come up with new ideas and concepts

SBSP was a fresh idea when it first started and people gave it a chance which paid off nicely

That must happen again if we want to break away from all the procedurals, sitcoms, and reality shows plaguing television
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Oct 23, 2015
London, UK
Has Nick ever fully stopped taking chances, though? Nick has had some really creative series over the last decade, like Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Welcome to the Wayne and Harvey Beaks. Unfortunately, they weren't popular with Nick's target audience.

If anything is stifling Nick's creativity, it's having to pander to advertisers. Without the ratings, they won't pay to run ads.
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