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Should Marvel Animation Collaborate With Outside Companies

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Marvel animation has had an interesting history when it comes to critical reception , whether its creating good projects that get screwed over or overlooked in some way or creating projects with more middling reception that get treated well (mainly most of the cartoons this decade outside of Avengers 2010, Big Hero 6, and Marvel Rising). One thing I and many others have wondered is if Marvel Animation would benefit from collaborating with outside parties. Some of the comments in the link below support this idea. I won't talk about all of Marvel's animated offerings, but I will address the more notable offerings.

Spiderman: The 1994 and 1999 cartoons had Saban on hand when airing on Fox. The 2003 and 2008 cartoons , as well as last month's SpiderVerse movie and its sequel and spinoff, were all done under Sony Animation's hand. The 2012 and 2017 are produced only by Marvel.

Animated movies: All the DVD movies from this 2006-2011 were released by Lionsgate. Big Hero 6 had some Marvel crew members as uncredited creative consultants , but it was otherwise produced solely by Disney. It's tv show was also produced solely by Disney. The 2015 Frost Fight and 2016 Hulk movies had only Marvel involved . The recent Marvel Rising movie (as well as the franchise) did have some outside assistance with the music (Doug Rockwell, who's worked on The Loud House and Blaze And The Monster Machines, worked on some of the music, while Dove Cameron's music involves collaborating with Disney Vevo).

Shorts And Specials: We've had Ant Man shorts and Rocket And Groot shorts that had different animation companies involved. Likewise, the Lego specials involved, well Lego crew members. The Marvel Superhero Adventures shorts for Disney Junior are produced with Atomic Cartoons.

Iron Man Armored Adventures was a French-Canadian collaboration while The Super Hero Squad Show was produced by Hasbro. Likewise, the upcoming Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur cartoon is a collaboration with Titmouse .

And that's all I have. What do you think?


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We've seen them continually do this to see some degree. Marvel seems to usually have some control over the creative side.

Red Arrow

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Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes was a coproduction with Moonscoop.

That and Iron Man AM turned out great, so I would definitely like more coproductions.