Should Bunsen Is a Beast get a second season?

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Jan 5, 2014
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Once again, only Nickelodeon calls the shots on whether the show should live on, not Butch. Besides, the better question is "Could Bunsen Is A Beast get a season two?". The answer is still unknown. Just be patient. To give a hypothetical guess (as in an educated guess, but not a definite guess), Bunsen may not get a season two since the network isn't treating it that well by only showing it on weekends.


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Nov 7, 2012
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Ratings for Bunsen have been below average on premieres. The fact that Nick swapped the acquisition AatC with Bunsen in the Saturday premiere lineup says a lot.

I will say, unlikely, but knowing that this is Butch Hartman, Nick might give it a second season. But I personally don't see the point.


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Oct 5, 2014
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From a Nicktoon it could always see a second season even if it does not do so great, unless of course If Butch Hartman really did intend to make this a one hit wonder. Otherwise Pig Goat Banana Cricket had a second season announced much earlier than the show began as an example to this topic.


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Sep 9, 2013
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There's still a Christmas special, which probably won't air until November/December.
Plus including Christmas special, there are 5 more episodes left to air, and if it doesn't return in August, may likely return in fall, and maybe the last could be a Christmas special in late November or december
Jul 12, 2017
No, it shouldn't. It's really the laziest thing I've seen Butch put out, even after FOP season 10 bombed.

1. Really annoying jokes and voices. The worst offender is the school teacher. Not a single line out of her mouth is funny! What is sad is that no one really reacts to anything she says either. She's like a crazy person babbling on the street! Sad!
2. Music gets repetitive and annoying as well. They just play variants of the theme song over and over. Not to mention, a distinct chord that plays whenever Amanda is scheming, a recent episode I watched on Nick's website, they played this chord like five times! It was like watching an old 90's flash video on newgrounds.
3. No one is really fleshed out besides Amanda, Mikey, Bunsen, and maybe Darcy. They have the airheaded girl that Mikey likes, but she seems like a poor attempt at fusing Trixie Tang with Jackie Lynn Thomas to create the most generic love interest ever. None of the other school kids have any personalities and are just background fodder. The only entertaining character is the ice cream man, but even he seems like a poor man's Crocker minus the fairy obsession.

That's this shows problem. It's just Butch going through the motions, copying what he did in TUFF Puppy or FOP, the premise and everything about it is just raw silliness without any heart or passion behind it. The first episode is about Bunsen adjusting to the human world, but after that, its just Bunsen and Mikey doing silly or dumb stuff, while Amanda terrorizes them for no real reason because she wants to get beasts banned from school or something. I think its time for Butch to hang up the cleats.
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