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Staff member
Mar 8, 2009
A Valid Location
Use this thread to discuss the new She-Ra and the Princesses of Power animated series!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - Season 1 (Episodes 1-13)
Debut - November 13th, 2018 on Netflix

Synopsis: Soldier Adora finds a magic sword -- and her identity as legendary hero She-Ra. She joins the Rebellion, but her best friend stays with the evil Horde.
Starring: Aimee Carrero, AJ Michalka, Marcus Scribner

Episode titles:
  1. "The Sword Part 1"
  2. "The Sword Part 2"
  3. "Razz"
  4. "Flowers for She-Ra"
  5. "The Sea Gate"
  6. "System Failure"
  7. "In the Shadows of Mystacor"
  8. "Princess Prom"
  9. "No Princess Left Behind"
  10. "The Beacon"
  11. "Promise"
  12. "Light Hope"
  13. "The Battle of Bright Moon"

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - Season 2 (Episodes 14-20)
Debut - April 26th, 2019 on Netflix

Episode titles:
14 (1). The Frozen Forest
15 (2). Ties That Bind
16 (3). Signals
17 (4). Roll With It
18 (5). White Out
19 (6). Light Spinner
20 (7). Reunion


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Mar 28, 2013
I think She-Ra looks better here than she did in the original cartoon. She looks like an actual person, as opposed to looking like a doll in the original.
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Open bar knock yourself out
Nov 1, 2013
Who is the green lizard i keep seeing?
One of the Horde's soldiers, personally I kinda like him

I'm on episode 4 so far and its alright, its not revolutionary or anything( I mean who expected to be) but its a pretty fun action show with decent animation. The humor is good and I actually chuckled a few times, so far its as good as Voltron for me.


Staff member
Aug 10, 2003
East Coast of USA
Finished the whole thing. It was pretty nice. I never watched the original She-Ra (in English), but I do like how the designs here are better than the original, as there’s a much better variety of body types.
I hope in the next season the other Princesses are more involved and get fleshed out more.
Also, Scorpia’s my fav character in this.

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Disturbed Paladin
May 14, 2012
The Land of Flowers
I'm on episode 2 right now. It's pretty deece so far. A pretty servicable science-fantasy cartoon, if you ask me.

Bow is my favorite so far. He's got charm and humor that makes him real likable in my eyes. I also like that lizard guy who works for the Horde, but that's mostly because I like reptile people in general.

Also, because of my recent interest in Dungeons and Dragons, I've been visualizing what I've seen so far as a big roleplaying campaign. I think it's helping with my enjoyment of this show.
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Fone Bone

Matt Zimmer
Jan 19, 2004
Framingham, MA
It's amazing. Bow grew on me. It also does psychological deconstructions of the characters. Why am I only seeing that on this show, Tangled, and Big Hero 6? It makes the show dynamite.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power "The Sword, Part 1"

This is the best Master Of The Universe related project ever. People actually seemed to like the 2002 He-Man reboot, but I personally thought it sucked hard. This is actually great.

What I love is that the soldiers in the Evil Horde aren't actually evil (that we've seen so far). They've just been indoctrinated their entire lives with propaganda. I think Adora is far too willing to believe the Horde are bad guys so quickly, but that's actually a point in her favor, since they ARE the bad guys. But I imagine Catra will (rightly for the record) feel betrayed when Adora decides she is fighting for the wrong side.

But was she? Glimmer's scene with her mom was all kinds of cringe, and her and Bow are kind of lame at first too. One thing I like about her is that she has a realistic body type. And the show doesn't feel the need to make her ashamed of it by covering herself in baggy clothes. I don't think the way women in fantasy cartoons dress is usually empowering, but because Glimmer doesn't have the build of a supermodel, it weirdly is. She is a Princess who actually looks like a normal, average girl. Which automatically means the less sporty girls in the audience can recognize themselves as Princesses. Only 24 minutes in, and they are basically eating the entire 90 year studio output from Walt Disney for breakfast. And it isn't ultimately that hard to do.

Loved Catra's brain damaged runner. She seems a bit too invested in that theory if you ask me. Also a bit alarmed that she is scared of mice.

I found the original She-Ra boring, and one of those 80's cartoons like He-Man and G.I. Joe that was dull as dirt. But it was better than He-Man simply because she would often do team-ups with the characters from that show, and it was fun seeing the different heroes and villains interact with each other. Plus Hordak was a way better and scarier villain than Skeletor. (And Lookee was an additional reason to pay attention.) But this show already surpassed both it and 2002's He-Man in 24 too-short minutes. Impressive. ****1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power "The Sword, Part 2"

I have to say I admire the heck out of this show simply for the complex relationship between Catra and Adora. To be honest, Catra made the best argument for Adora staying in the Horde. In fact, were I Adora, I would have stayed in her place. The argument boils down to that she's known these people for a couple of hours, and is willing to upend her entire life just on their sayso. But the thing that would have made me come back is Catra saying that she is getting in trouble for covering for Adora, and then she hints that if she doesn't come back, she'll receive her punishment for that. I would have rejoined the Horde upon that being pointed out. Maybe I would have tried to learn the truth after I rejoined, and maybe I'd turn into a Resistance mole and sympathizer eventually, but I would have covered Catra's back in that moment, sword or not, simply because she covered mine when it mattered, and suffered for it.

I find it interesting that Adora is disturbed that Catra knew they were being lied to the entire time. On some level I get her disgust. How could she not tell her that? On the other hand, I see why Catra didn't bother. It's pretty obvious, isn't it? Maybe Catra simply didn't believe Adora was stupid enough to fall for Shadow Weaver's jive in the first place. That's Adora's fault, not Catra's. If Adora wants to throw out a little side-eye for that, she should look in the mirror.

Here is an easy morality lesson for Adora to learn about Shadow Weaver. If somebody tells you you were nothing until you met them, run. And never look back. That is not a healthy mindset for ANY caregiver to give a child. Anyone who says that to a kid is automatically not looking out for the kid's best interest, and has an agenda. If a supposed loved one ever tells you that specific thing, question EVERYTHING they say from that point forward. That is what is known as a tell, and lets you know the adult who said that is actually full of it.

I absolutely adored Adora fangirling horses right off the bat, and Bow ending the episode wondering in a very meta way who the horse actually belonged to. Very funny.

The party was a mixed bag. I suppose if I'm being honest, I disliked how the scenes of Adora pigging out were animated. They looked choppy and lousy. But that's how anime pig-outs look, so the show is making it authentic to that particular art style. But see, I'm not going to go crazy complimenting the show whenever it copies the way anime actually sucks. It's weird that the show thinks I should love anime so much that I'll appreciate a nod to the crappy stuff. I don't. Stuff like that is why I think the character animation in anime is so terrible in the first place. Maybe not a popular opinion, but the unfunny pig-outs speak for themselves.

I love Bow conversationally saying that Adora doesn't sound like a Horde soldier's name, and Adora barely registering that with utter boredom in her voice. I found that fabulous because it shows that Adora is an incurious as an average teenager. If I had heard that about my own name after experiencing what she just did, that would be the red flag, and raise alarm bells for me. She is so determined to find out the truth, and what is going on, but she ignores a major clue because she is simply as dullwitted and apathetic as every other teenager who exists in our dimension. And I love that the little moment was noted, but brushed past by the producers. It's definitely gonna come up again, and I'm betting Adora's gonna kick herself for not pressing pause on this conversation when she should have.

And finally, we get to the main title. I don't like it. But see, I like that it exists at ALL, which most cartoons don't seem to bother with anymore. I'd rather a theme tune with music that doesn't appeal to my sensibilities, than no theme tune at all. Kids SHOULD be allowed to enjoy cartoon theme songs like I did as a kid. I do not like the song as much as a young girl probably will. But it's the fact that it exists for the young girl to enjoy at all which is why I approve of it.

Another solid episode. ****.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power "Razz"

That was everything I ever could have wanted from a Hordak. Great design and voice. Chilling and creepy.

Grizzlor's design is LESS great, but it's still good to see he's at least present.

One thing I like about Hordak: He doesn't like Shadow Weaver bringing her problems to him. Because they are her fault, and she should be fixing them herself. Do you know the messed up thing? Hordak is actually right. If Catra cannot be trusted to lead, that says more about Shadow Weaver than it does Catra. Quit bothering him to scare the Cadets. If she were doing her job properly, she'd be scary enough already.

Another bad thing about Adora leaving: Apparently she protected Catra from the other Horde cadets. That seems a bit counterintuitive, because Catra is the toughest cadet, but it makes perfect sense to me that her toughness is rubbing everyone else the wrong way, and she is bullied for it. And as long as she doesn't have a cool person telling the other kids that she's all right, she's on thin ice. A person who sees that Catra is bullied might believe the character to be weaker than she should be. But she's actually being bullied for not being weak enough. It's the fact that no-one likes her toughness which is why Adora had to protect her.

I like the idea that perhaps Hordak has dozens of little illegitimate babies crawling around his dungeon. I seriously doubt we are going to see a harem on a TV-Y7 show. But it seems pretty clear to me he actually has one. And a bunch of little potential Ramsey Boltons are underfoot. Warning: Do not get that kid a dog.

Loved the Kowl plushie, and I actually found Lookee on Madame Razz's fan. Of course, that was an easy one, and I was actually looking. But I'm glad it's still going to be a thing.

How is Madame Razz? She's definitely wiser than the old version, simply because nobody on 80's cartoons was actually wise. In the 1980's, Yoda, the children's character most associated with wisdom, was not actually wise. He was dumb as a brick, and a nuisance to boot. So yeah, basically Razz just has to not drool on her shoes, and offer an insight not found in a fortune cookie, and she's surpassed every 80's wise person that ever existed. And when she simply asks what Adora thinks she should do, she's wiser than Yoda has ever been. Yoda was always TELLING Luke Skywalker what to do, and browbeating him about how much he sucked, and thought that was helping him, instead of messing him up psychologically. So yeah, this Madame Razz doesn't suck.

For the record, "Horsey" IS is a dumb name. You'd think She-Ra was raised in a barn with no actual human contact. Oh, wait, she practically WAS! I can't be TOO mad about that.

She-Ra walking into the throne room was quite impressive. And this is a character who should impress people on a regular basis. And while I never thought the design I saw before the show debuted was actually bad, it didn't strike me as all that impressive either, which is a definite need for the character. But the animation, and the performances, and the boarding make it work without ever having to hypersexualize the character, or make her seem older than she actually is.

For the record, the fights in these past three episodes have been super easy for She-Ra to win. I don't expect that to be the case for much longer. But the first three episodes are about Adora adjusting. She-Ra adjusting SHOULD be the thing that comes after that.

Another good episode. ****.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power "Flowers For She-Ra"

More with Hordak's little baby. But I'm starting to think he isn't a bastard after all. He wouldn't be sitting on Daddy's lap if he were.

I like that the villagers like She-Ra so much they give her a baby. That was really funny, and also disturbing if you think too hard on it.

I like that Adora is uncomfortable with the comforts of palace life and needs to keep her surroundings more Spartan. That is possibly She-Ra's real value in uniting the kingdoms.

Good ep. ***1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power "The Sea Gate”

I love that Mermista talks like April from Parks and Rec. Everything seems to bore her. Ugggh! Whatever.

I love Scorpia too. The fact that she is a hugger is both surprising and funny. It’s amazing how much I like the Horde so far.

Catra’s scene with She-Ra was great too. It’s always a good idea to accept an alliance because Glimmer’s friend can turn into an 8 foot tall woman with a sword. Wise words, Mermista. Ugggh! Whatever. ****1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “System Failure”

Aimee Carrero does a funny drunk voice. You won’t hear that on Elena of Avalor.

I love that they are giving all of the Princesses distinct individual personalities. Entrapta is fun.

I also like how She-Ra didn’t save the day in this one. If that isn’t always going to be the case, it’s good because it breaks up the monotony.

Fun episode. ***1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “In The Shadows Of Mysticor”

Shadow Weaver at her scariest.

“Go for the heart”? Does that mean Catra thinks Adora and Bow are a thing? Because as far as ‘ships go, I just don’t see it.

I like the cute noises She-Ra makes as she tries to sit quietly.

I liked this episode. ****.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “Princess Prom”

So this says that Scorpia is lesbian. That makes sense. But it also hints that Catra is one too, and or at least bi. And if that’s true, I’m wondering if there is an additional reason she took Adora’s betrayal so personally. Maybe she has secretly been in love with her best friend for years. And maybe even She-Ra isn’t sure how she feels.

I had no idea that Scorpia was a Princess, but I like the subtext that she felt rejected for being different. That’s not only an allegory for having a mutant body, but also one for being gay too. Frankly, I’m not sure the allegory of intolerant Princesses works as well as it could have if the prom weren’t so LGBT friendly. But it might work for the audience at home, if not the show itself.

I love the moment where Adora protests to Glimmer she is not the type of person to take off from her friends at the drop of a hat. And then she sees Catra and remembers she is EXACTLY that type of person. Glimmer was asking of her a comfort and assurance she could not actually honestly give.

A little too much ‘shipping stuff in the episode for my liking, but at least outside of Catra asking if this is what love is, it was framed under the guise of friendship, which is all right for a show with kids this young in my book.

For the record, Catra’s plan was counterproductive. Attending the prom was smart, but attacking the kingdom was not. Not only was Frosta going to decline the alliance with the rebellion, but because of Adora’s outburst she was going to ban her, which would make any future negotiations that much tougher for Glimmer’s kingdom. Actually giving Frosta a reason to realize that the Horde IS a threat is just going to drive her right into She-Ra’s arms. I don’t know much about Hordak, but I doubt he would be pleased with this turn of events. I’m betting the Frost Kingdom was the LAST kingdom he planned to attack, and was only going to go for it after he had toppled the rest. Now, the Rebellion has a new potential ally the Horde cannot afford them to have. I imagine Hordak is displeased about that.

On the other hand, he will probably forgive it simply because she took Glimmer captive and took the sword. As a hostage, Glimmer is valuable, and for the rebellion, She-Ra is irreplaceable. But if and when those two things come back, the entire mission will have been a net loss.

Interesting episode but I’d prefer if they laid off the ‘ships. ***1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “No Princess Left Behind”

Kyle and Scorpia prove the Evil Horde ain’t actually all that evil.

Kyle (and Adora) also prove that many of the Horde are only there because they have nowhere else to go. Make them a better offer and see what happens.

I love that Sea Hawk is considered part of the Princess Rebellion.

Is the lizard guy Leech? Because I’d like it if he were.

Are they actually sure Entrapta is “gone”? Because I’m pretty sure no-one actually saw her die.

Catra giving back the sword WAS probably because she likes Adora. But it was probably mostly because if Shadow Weaver gets Adora back, her rapid career advancement is over. Catra DOES like Adora. But she actually likes her improved standing since she’s been gone even more.

Exciting episode. I’m all about eventual redemption for Scorpia and Kyle. I’m rooting for them both. ****1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “The Beacon”

I have never fully trusted Entrapta, for the exact same reason I DO trust Adora (and now Kyle). She doesn’t actually have any fidelity. All she cares about is science, and is waiting for somebody to make her a better offer. And Catra just did. Trouble brewing, especially because she followed She-Ra the one place she never should have found.

I also liked Bow and Glimmer each believing they were responsible for the mess, and Glimmer’s heart-to-heart with her mother where she learns her mother blames herself for her father’s death. Shadow Weaver’s scene with Catra was also surprisingly humanizing for both characters.

This episode seemed more like set-up for the end of the season, than anything else. But who am I kidding? I freaking love set-up! ****.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “Promise”

Oh, man, that human drama between Catra and Adora was precisely as messy as I could have hoped. I practically swooned in delight as all of my previous psychological deconstructions of the characters played out exactly as I envisioned. Maybe not the Catra secretly being in love with Adora thing. But that whole horrible flashback with Shadow Weaver not only shows why Catra resents Adora, it also says she is right to.

But ultimately it’s Adora who is going to have to let go. I want Catra saved as much as anyone, but it’s not something that can happen, because SHE doesn’t want it. And as long as she doesn’t, and as long as Adora refuses to admit that, she is always going to be held back. It’s sad, and juicy, and tragic, and everything I love from my TV drama. And it’s on a TV-Y7 show for little girls! How cool is that?

Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny blew DC Super Hero Girls out of the water. Marvel Rising did that to Forces Of Destiny. And now this show is actually eating Marvel Rising’s lunch. It is a great time to be a little girl who loves actions cartoons. And that’s not even getting into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (because I haven’t seen it yet.) But it is significant to me that two of the three best current action cartoons (this show, Big Hero 6, and Marvel Rising) are actually aimed at girls. Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is also great, but that’s more of a strict comedy. Big Hero 6: The Series is the only boy action cartoon near this level of quality. As far as action shows with drama go, girls are the ones with the best current TV choices. *****.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “Light Hope”

Catra can work with this. Killer closing line. Love that girl.

Entraptra says things are getting interesting. And interesting is the first step to chaos.

For the record, talking Swiftwind is every bit as creepy as She-Ra thinks Light Hope is.

Also for the record, I don’t exactly take everything Light Hope says at face value. We got a lot of mythology stuff this episode, but that was mostly about the big picture, instead of specifics. And I’m guessing that’s in case Dreamworks manages to snag the rights to He-Man next year. Keeping things vague makes a potential spin-off down the road possible, even if the rights aren’t Dreamworks’ yet. Smart planning. But all of the writing on this show seems pretty sharp.

Catra has been the wildcard this season. But I fully expect that role next season to be fulfilled by Shadow Weaver. She is not going to forgive or forget what happened to her in this episode, and that could potentially hurt the bad guys as much as anything the heroes could do next year.

Okay, so at first I thought the baby was Hordak’s b@st@rd, then I suspected his heir, and now he’s his spy. This third thing makes little sense to me. Spies should be inconspicuous. I would not have Mini-Me spy on Austin Powers for the same reason. A little person with the face of his boss is gonna get noticed. But he is cute and creepy at the same time, I’ll give him that.

Things are gettin’ good. ****1/2.

She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power “The Battle Of Bright Moon”

As far as I’m concerned, the entire mess of the episode was Entraptra’s fault. What cheeses me off is that she went unpunished at the end of the season, and her friends never learned her treachery. They actually built statues for that sociopath. I am disgusted.

I really like how Catra is smart enough to spin that specific loss to Hordak as a win. And when she puts it like that, it WAS. They lost the battle, but because they waged it, things are shakier for the good guys than they were before the Whispering Woods got walloped. That being said, with the Princesses now united, things ARE actually more in the Princesses’ favor than the Horde’s. But I forgive Catra for not putting it that way to Hordak.

That was a really great and exciting finale. I was on the edge of my seat during parts of it, convinced the rune would be destroyed, and we’d be sacked with a dire cliffhanger. But the show used the “Power of friendship” moral rather than the “Everything sucks” moral, which is another good reason I am glad this cartoon is aimed at girls instead of boys. Boys action toons love sacking us with downer endings, and they are always worse for it in my book. 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one of the worst action cartoons of all time for its downer ending alone. I like that the heroes are allowed to save the day here, and have a group hug after all. Aww!

Great ending to a promising first season. ****1/2.
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Disturbed Paladin
May 14, 2012
The Land of Flowers
I just finished the whole season and overall, the show is pretty enjoyable. The character relationships were nice to watch, even the villainous ones.

As for the anime-esque art style, it's not bad. I do have a beef with how the mouths move to the side when the characters turn their heads in profile. It looks so janky. Also, I feel like Bow's midriff would look great with defined abs.

Also, I just love Entrapta's accent. I feel like she's going to say "tack-os" at any moment. :p

The Overlord

Well-Known Member
Aug 5, 2002
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It's amazing. Bow grew on me. It also does psychological deconstructions of the characters. Why am I only seeing that on this show, Tangled, and Big Hero 6? It makes the show dynamite.

I don't want to quote your whole post, but those are some good reviews.

I have not finished the season yet, but it seems like the Horde is evil on a systematic level, it is an evil regime that where some of the followers are not so evil. But as a regime it seems pretty bad and part of the thing that makes it evil its the way it treats its subjects, essentially using child soldiers and abusing them in the process.

Catra has a good reason for going to the dark side, but it if were not for the way the Horde raised her, she could have been a good person and I doubt the Horde is allowing outcasts into its ranks out of altruism, it would be hard to think Hordak is sympathetic given he is one setting these policies, its interesting social commentary about how dictatorships victimize their subjects, which is a bit deep for a Y7 cartoon. Though it may be hard for Catra to be redeemed if she is the second in command of dictatorship.

I am glad the trolls were wrong about this show, that's good to here.
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Open bar knock yourself out
Nov 1, 2013
This show is a definite 6.5 for me, I love the relationship between Catra and Adora and the comedy is really good but it kinda feels rush in some scenes and the animation is a bit wonky at times. Its okay and it doesn't do anything new so I sort of rank this with Flex Armstrong
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Rick Jones

Staff member
Feb 27, 2008
177A Bleecker Street
I watched the first three episodes and it's not bad. I still really don't like the character designs. This style is just kind of off putting to me.

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Open bar knock yourself out
Nov 1, 2013
Is it weird that I find Catra's group more interesting than She'ras group

Neo Yi

Gentleman Thief
Staff member
Sep 11, 2004
Finished She-ra a few weeks ago and I enjoyed every minute of it. It feels like the Transformers Animated equ. to G1 Transformers/80s She-ra: characters have stock personalities and recognizable appearances that are easy to deduce, yet the show proves they aren't cardboard cut-outs. Adora and Catra's complex relationship is masterful and it not only sympathizes Catra's inferiority complex, but it goes hand-in-hand with certain Horde members by demonstrating their humanity. Like the small group Adora was field captain of; from their point of view, Adora is a traitor because they were indoctrinated to believe the princesses are true menace. Scorpina only looks "evil", but she's the kindest, friendliest gal you could ever want.

I especially love Entrapta's shtick purely because it's so rare to see a prominent true (chaotic) neutral character in a children's show. There's a brief moment where Catra manipulates her into thinking her princess pals abandoned her, but she quickly brushes it off because there's science to be done and technology to tinker with. Even when she was on Team She-ra, Entrapta has a bad habit of messing around and experimenting with ancient machinery like her own personal toy store, proving how screwed her priorities are, so her transfer from that group to the Horde is believable. I'm super invested on whether she'll continue down this path, unaware of the consequences of her action or if she'll stop and realize, "oh, I almost destroyed the planet, that's super not good."

Characters interact with each other well and the designs on each one are lovely and colorful. The vast diversity of different girls with body types and ethnicity is commendable. Season One had a comfortable, but solid narrative arc and I look forward to what Season Two will bring.

Also, it has Sea Hawk, who is unsurprisingly my favorite character (I do love the Lovable Rogue type.) I love this awkwardly charming, egotistical dork pirate.

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Dankos Memus

New Member
Dec 11, 2018
A neat season, but nothing special in terms of story-telling. The story overall isn’t too complicated and it’s interesting to see the main character start off on the bad side. Her betrayal of the Horde felt a bit rushed and had a sense of lacking some justification, but it wasn’t terrible. It ultimately introduced the characters and set up Adora to become She-Ra. However, its decent start was followed up by a slew of mediocre episodes (3-7). And it was here where the show had severe continuity errors, as well as some serious flaws if not outright plot holes. Sea Hawk's character necessity and Shadow Weaver’s … “shadow” in episode 5 being the most obvious incident. The pacing dropped and so did its entertainment value. Episode 8 (Princess Prom) though was where the season started to picked up the pace again in terms of tension. Despite the lameness of a “Prom episode”, Catra’s plan was actually quite intriguing. Messing around with Adora while Scorpia kidnapped her friends was a good idea. What could have made the episode much better, (apart from NOT being a prom episode) would be if the Horde hadn’t attempted to destroy the ice palace. This could have left the heroes in an even dire situation, adding that extra layer tension and giving the characters, especially Adora, a bit of potential for character development. Nevertheless, the season was now coming to its conclusion. It had its ups (Episode 11) and downs (Episode 9), and finished off with an underwhelming and cheesy but tense final battle.

The relationship between the characters range from enjoyable to subpar at best. The dynamic between Adora and Catra being by far the best the show has to offer, something that actually got me quite invested in their conflict. Catra's role as a villain works especially well. Her opportunistic, deceptive and manipulative performance makes her an active character that is always interesting to watch. In contrast though, one of the worst characters for me was Glimmer. Her characterisation came across as an annoying temper-tantrum-throwing teenager. The presentation of her entire character arch doesn’t fit the setting of the show either. Having a struggle between mother and daughter suits well with a slice of life, family drama. But for a sci-fi action adventure story, in a cataclysmic battle between the forces of good and evil, it doesn’t belong in there at all, and completely breaks the immersion of the show. Bow is your stereotypical supportive friend who helps you out whenever he can, but apart from that, there’s not much too his character, despite being part of the “Best-Friend-Squad”. Even with more focus on him in episode 6, Bow got remarkably little character development, without any a personal flaws to overcome or a weekness that he needs to improve upon. Bow feels more like the other one-note side character, even though he’s part of the main cast. When season 2 comes out, characterisation is one of the most important areas where the show needs to improve the most.

Animation and art-wise, season 1 looked ok-ish. The animation was fluid and the character designs are way more distinguishable, but the lack of shading and the morphing proportions of the characters throughout didn’t give off a good vibe. Plus, in case the show gets a second season, it needs to keep track of the sword. Too many times have I seen it appear out of nowhere, then disappearing again in the next scene. If the art style had more shading like this, and kept it consistent, it could have improved the tone and quality of the show by miles.
Catra Shadow.png

Overall, I’d give the new She-Ra reboot a 4/10. It’s entertaining sometimes, and some of the character dynamics are engaging, Catra definitely being the star of the show by a long shot. Yet other characters are not good at all. The tone can be immersive, but also all over the place sometimes, partly because it’s being way too comedic in serious moments. The world building feels empty most of the time, and the animation needs more depth. Season 1 of the new She-Ra is by no means a terrible reboot, but also not the new Avatar of this decade.

Wil Tha Godsson

Nov 10, 2005
Just finished viewing S/PP s1.
You know what? This is one helluva series!
It speaks to my heart/mind/soul in ways that the 1980s series never could; in fact and truth, it has blown the 1980s series out of my mind. In my proud opinion, these Etherians™ are realer and truer to me than the Etherians™ of the 1980s were.

I wholeheartedly and wholemindedly and wholesouledly await s2.
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