Shaun the Sheep comes to Cartoon Network on September 8

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I was looking at the backdoor schedule and it looks like Shaun the Sheep is returning to US television on Cartoon Network. It will premiere on September 8 at 11AM (for a full hour, in the format they air Looney Tunes), oddly enough, backdoor doesn't list any episode titles but it lists the show. Here it is on the schedule if you're not convinced.

*cue complaints about how it should be on Boomerang instead even though it won't make a difference eitherway*


Giving a slightly closer look.
Not sure why they didn't do this a couple of months ago, what with the movie coming over here, but I still very much approve of this show getting more US exposure.


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This is great honestly! Awesome to see some stop motion being represented to the channel, and first since those Wallace & Gromit specials. :D

Hopefully it'll air on Boomerang afterwards, it's a welcoming addition to add in animation.. even upon Aardman wise.

Also, apparently.. they're airing films again in the afternoons.. and Kung Fu Panda is one of them (which I think it's new)!
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Seems the movie had more an effect than just critical acclaim. ;)

Welcome back to US Shaun!


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Heh, just seeing that it's going to be airing on TV reminds me of those years back when they always played it on Disney Channel. Won't actually be able to see it live when it reruns (school) but I'll record it whenever I feel like it.

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That sounds pretty cool. I remember watching some episodes of Shaun the Sheep on Disney Channel and I enjoyed it. I've heard really good things about the movie too, so I'll probably check that out at some point. I'll probably try to check this out when it premieres on Cartoon Network.


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I can somewhat see this working as like how the usual shorts (ala, Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes) are where they would randomize a selective amount of shorts within the hour. Apparently there's at least 130 shorts at most in it's regular amount (If I recall).

I think when Boomerang soon brings this into the channel.. they could be perfect replacements for those 30 min Looney Tunes shorts after Boomerang Theatre on the weekends to accompany with.


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I'm wondering why they're pulling this move now after the movie tanked here in the US (could be a contractual thing, I don't know) but still good news for Shaun the Sheep fans. I've never seen the show, so I can't comment on that.

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I am a huge fan of this show, so I am glad with this news :) (even though I don't live in the US)

The American Disney Channel has only aired the first season, so let's hope CN will air more of it!


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That came out of the blue. I think it would have been better if they had played during the summer to get people interested in the movie, but better late than never.


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It should be noted that while there are 130 episodes of Shaun the Sheep, they're all 7 minutes each. So in an hour slot, you're looking at approximately 22 "episodes" for the whole series.

But it is nice this is getting a stable slot. When Disney Channel aired it, they tended to just randomly slot episodes in when movies ran short, but even in those situations, 9 times out of 10, they generally opted to run an episode of Phineas & Ferb to fill time instead.

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Eh, I was expecting Shaun the Sheep to at least arrive on Boomerang first since it seems to fit there better, but whateves, maybe it'll come in October when Wabbit and BCSD debuts.

With that said, it's nice to see Shaun the Sheep get another chance here in the U.S., even after the movie bombed. I used to watch it on Disney Channel all the time when I was younger, so maybe it's time to check it out again whenever I'm off from school.

CN has been making a few surprise changes recently. Baby Looney Tunes, Courage the Cowardly Dog, now this? What's next, Dexter's Laboratory? (sarcasm mode)


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Shaun the sheep on CN, pretty much like when The Garfield Show aired on CN, I wish they could of given it a better time though.
I believe it's going to be like BLT: It airs for a week in the morning, if it has good or great ratings, after two or three weeks it moves to Boom, but stays in CN.

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I believe it's going to be like BLT: It airs for a week in the morning, if it has good or great ratings, after two or three weeks it moves to Boom, but stays in CN.
That's almost the same thing I was thinking about Courage the Cowardly Dog. I was wondering if it does well at the 6AM hour this week, CN may re-consider keeping it so that it won't get replaced by Toddler Titans Go! next week. I don't have Boomerang, so I'm hoping CN could keep the reruns for awhile.


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I believe it's going to be like BLT: It airs for a week in the morning, if it has good or great ratings, after two or three weeks it moves to Boom, but stays in CN.
Yeah.. but even then, it'll no doubt air on Boomerang if the indication of this series being acquired, and airing on the US Cartoon Network first before it airs.

Besides, Courage has still been airing on Boomerang, and only a week it'll air on Cartoon Network. But I have to say.. they've been on a roll with these shows airing on CN a bit often like Baby Looney Tunes, Courage, and now.. a new acquisition, Shaun the Sheep. And to add all that! The film Kung Fu Panda is likely to air on the channel on that day.


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