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Todd Black

Apr 8, 2015
Any new animated movies coming from DC Comics? Maybe a Justice League Dark sequel?
Despite what you might think about their live-action films, there’s little denying that DC Comics and Warner Bros have been killing it on the animated front recently. They continue to crank out of versions of their classic stories, as well as compelling new ones. Batman: Hush is coming soon. And at SDCC 2019, Warner Bros revealed three more films.
First is Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. a sequel to the hit movie from 2017 featuring magical DCU characters like John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan, and more.
Then, a duo of Superman movies are coming. First is the classic Elseworlds story known as Red Son. Where Superman lands in Russia just before the age of Communism. Then, there’s “Superman: Man of Tomorrow”. A take on the early years of Superman.
All three films are slated for release in 2020.
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If it wasn't for the fact they're owned by different companies (Sesame Street on HBO and Helpsters on Apple TV, though both are from Sesame Workshop), I could totally see a crossover.