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stephane dumas

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Apr 23, 2006
Here Gloria from Pokemon Sword and Shield celebrating the Blues victory holding a Stanley cup replica (not properly drawed, sorry ^^; ) and singing Laura Brannigan's song Gloria.

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I'm one of those people that's more familiar with Sonic's arch-enemy being called "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" rather than "Eggman".

As I mentioned, Melanie Minichino should definitely sing more.
it is kinda weird how despite Frozen being the highest grossing animated movie until Lion King 2019, there were no mainstream animated movies that tried to copy it, or at least accused of copying Frozen. I wonder why?
Just letting you guys know: I'm changing my username in two weeks. It's similar to the original, but a bit more wordy.
The last time a new SpongeBob premiered before KCA's was in March 2017.