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stephane dumas

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Imagine a new Total Drama season, we got camps (Wawanakwa, Pahkitew), movie lot, world tour jet), how about country life at the farm with Samey, Amy, Trent, Cody, Beth, Jo, Ezekiel back to his real form, Scott, Jasmine, Rodney, Brick, Shawn, Max and Sugar then I added at a last minute addition.

stephane dumas

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The change in character development of Pacifica Northwest in season 2 of Gravity Falls reminded me of the change of heart Cyril Sneer got in the Raccoons from being a evil tycoon in the first season to became an anti-hero/anti-villain the following seasons inspired me for this older fanart.

stephane dumas

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This is an older fanart where Tootie (FOP), fall from a tree and regenerate into Trixie Tang. I was inspired from the regenerations of Doctor Who. I drawed the 5th Doctor and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in Butch Hartman style.

stephane dumas

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An older fanart I did where we see Timmy Turner so sad about the ending of Fairly Odd Summer movies and some others characters; Dipper, Wendy, Kagome, Jigen, Cyril Sneer, Jenny, Guano, Trent and Gwen feel sorry for him.

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