"Scooby-Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf" Talkback (Spoilers)

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@Cinecrisis on Twitter
May 7, 2002
HB Shows.com

Release Date: 1988
Studio: Hanna-Barbera
Producers: Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera
Starring: Don Messick, Casey Kasem, Frank Welker, B.J. Ward, Brian Mitchell, Hamilton Camp, Jim Cummings, Joan Gerber, Ed Gilbert, Pat Musick, Alan Oppenheimer, Rob Paulsen, Mimi Seaton

Plot Summary: Shaggy turns out to be the reluctant werewolf in the movie "Scooby Doo And The Reluctant Werewolf". When the old werewolf retires right before the Monster Road Rally, it seems Shaggy is next in line according to the Grimmest Book of Records, so Dracula hatches a plan to turn Shaggy into a werewolf and bring him to Transylvania in time for the rally and the "Monster of the Year" award.


It's airing on Boomerang today 10/7/06 at 4:00pm EST.


Oct 2, 2006
Australia (Cartoon Land)
I think I might buy that one, it looks okay... But Im currently saving to order "Scooby Doo Where Are You?" Seasosn 1 and 2, (yay i just got, "The Scooby Doo Show/Dynomutt Hour" delivered from amazon.com)


Mar 2, 2006
Hmm...I remember seeing this special once a few years ago. Had the same style of animation for the NEW SCOOBY DOO SERIES (Where it just had SD, Shaggy, Daphne and Scrappy) but I did enjoy the villians a bit, espicially the not-so-similar twins.


But I was rather confused with the ending, when the villians did come back, despite being defeated. Were they defeated or not? Or is it just me? :confused:

Yu-Gi-Pol Pot

New Member
Oct 9, 2006
Canadanian Alps
Shaggy was wearing his obscure "red shirt" during this period, and the cover does'nt reflect that at all. Egad.

The plot of this movie is just banal, even when I first saw it (I'm more of a "Ghoul School" fan) Shaggy's potentially frightning werewolf transformation amounts to him pariticipating in a Whacky Races storyline involving Count Dracula

Eric B

Active Member
May 28, 2001
It seems Scrappy was deliberately omitted in the new artwork and story descriptions for all 3 movies. (You Scrappy haters have apparently made your impact!) Along with using the green T-shirt instead of the orange one, they are trying to make it look like the more recent movies.
Funny how in one of the movies (Cyberchase) they brought back the orange shirt, in what was supposed to be the "original design" gang the computer paired with the real gang.


Active Member
May 1, 2001
But I was rather confused with the ending, when the villians did come back, despite being defeated. Were they defeated or not? Or is it just me?

Yeah, they were defeated...

My personal rationalization for the ending: Dracula came back to erase Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy's memories of seeing real monsters in the movie (for whatever reason)---thus explaining why they act like they'd never seen real monsters before in "Zombie Island" and other 90's/2000's productions. (I assume as well Vincent Van Ghoul earlier on might've also erased their memories of any prior supernatural-creature meetings, as well...). ;-)


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