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Jan 22, 2018
I found in my cartoon DVD collection an Anime cartoon called Sasami Magical Girls Club and from what I learned about it is that Sasami Magical Girls Club is a cartoon that features two characters from the Anime cartoon Pretty Sammy as parents to Sasami who is trying to be a witch in training. Sasami Magical Girls Club also features a theme song sung by a group called Magical Sweets. Was Sasami Magical Girls Club very popular before it was cancelled?

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Gera Gera Po
Dec 31, 2013
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It sold quite poorly in Japan (644 DVD copies for season 1, season 2 didn't rank with less than 200 copies). My only memories of the series are searching for "anime" on the Toys R' Us website a few years ago and it and Yu Yu Hakusho being the only titles that popped up.


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