Sasami Magical Girls Club

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Jan 22, 2018
I found in my cartoon DVD collection an Anime cartoon called Sasami Magical Girls Club and from what I learned about it is that Sasami Magical Girls Club is a cartoon that features two characters from the Anime cartoon Pretty Sammy as parents to Sasami who is trying to be a witch in training. Sasami Magical Girls Club also features a theme song sung by a group called Magical Sweets. Was Sasami Magical Girls Club very popular before it was cancelled?

Golden Geek

Gera Gera Po
Dec 31, 2013
United States
It sold quite poorly in Japan (644 DVD copies for season 1, season 2 didn't rank with less than 200 copies). My only memories of the series are searching for "anime" on the Toys R' Us website a few years ago and it and Yu Yu Hakusho being the only titles that popped up.


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