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I never noticed it before, but you're right; Witches ride their brooms side-saddle.

And, yes, it's probably not as safe as straddling the broom:



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I hope these two episodes don't accurately represent a standard formula for this show; if so, it would mark the only Sabrina series I know, for either comics or TV, in which she neither causes nor solves the magical problem of the day (unless you count when she defeats the trolls, but she only does so after someone else cures the memory-loss spell).

For all the faults you found in this cartoon, do you think the intro at least deserves its Emmy? I don't know if I prefer it to the openings of the sitcom's ABC years, or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but the theme and intro do seem to objectively top the others I've seen for Sabrina cartoons. (As catchy as I find DEEK's theme, it always bothered me that it starts out as a song about Salem.)


Discovery Family is to The Hub what I Channel was to Pax. It's still got MLP from its Hub days but it jumped the shark long ago. It's also got occasional movies. But the rest is mostly just family-friendly reality shows that only last a few months at most and Cake Boss reruns.


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My big problem with this show was Salem (weird, given that he was one of the saving graces of the Hart sisters show). He was a double-agent for the Big Bad and given a smarmy, Paul Lyndeian voice. Either one of these would've been an annoyance, but someone on the staff was all...

and here we were.

Otherwise, I thought the show was decent. I still maintain that Ashley Tisdale was miscast (all I could hear was Candace), but she did her best.

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