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Apr 5, 2007
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There has been this rumour recently about the potential return of the Marvel's animated series from the 90s; mainly the X-Men and Spider-Man, although I wouldn't mind if they bring back the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk too. As someone who grew-up with these series, I would be really pleased to see them back; however, after so many years since they were cancelled, this would be a very "delicated situation". I mean, they have to do it right from the beginning, and not start something just to cancel it abruptally if it doesn't work.

Something that made these series so relevant was the fact that, although original, they were all loosely based on stories from the comics from those days. Therefore, to continue these series correctly, they would have to do in the exact same way. That means, follow the continuity from the series, make original stories but loosely based on the comics; and most important, mainly use stories from the comics of those times, not stories from posterior ages. Allow me to show you some examples of what they could use if they continue the stories:

1º) "Spider-Man":
- Definitely, rescuing Mary Jane Watson, bring her back home and possible restore their married lifes (there's the problem of Peter actually marrying MJ's clone) has to be the first arc. It should be resolve as soon as possible, but with an arc of several episodes.
- Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, escaping from the dimensional limbo and back to have revenge against Spider-Man sounds like another "has to be". We could have an arc similar to the "Revelations" or "The Night of the Green Goblin". Obviously, some changes should be done to keep a logical continuity and avoid "too dark twists".
- Harry Osborn reforming himself and marrying Liz Allan sounds like a probable sub-arc for future episodes. We could even have the birth of Normie Osborn, if it doesn't take too much for the pregnancy to happen.
- "Kraven's Last Hunt" sounds like a good story to adapt, except in this series, Kraven was more an ally than an enemy for Spider-Man. So, maybe adapting it for another villain? Could this be one of the Green Goblin's first plots against Spider-Man?
- "The Invasion of the Spider-Slayers" looks like another potential story for the series. Problem is, even although they are still enemies in the series after helping Alistair Smythe to find his father, Smythe wouldn't be very motivated to launch this attack. Maybe Kingpin using Smythe's tech?

- If the Green Goblin and Mary Jane find a way to return Earth, I don't see any reason for Venom (and probably Carnage) to return as well. With their return, we could have the Life Foundation and the introduction of its five symbiotes (Scream, Riot, Lasher, Agony and Phage). These five Symbiotes, plus Carnage, could take us to something similar to "Maximum Carnage". And this could lead to Eddie Brock/Venom to eventually cease his vendetta against Peter Parker/Spider-Man and become a real hero.
- This series already had something similar to the Clone Saga in its last episodes, but what we saw happened on a different reality from the one where the main events of the series happen. We surely wouldn't have Scarlet Spider back; but we could still have other characters from this situation. For example, Kaine in his original/classic self as a deformed clone of Spider-Man; although he could also be his own version of the Scarlet Spider. We could also have Spidercide, although I don't know if Spider-Carnage already covered a role similar to that one. Something funny, to add a touch of "modern ideas", we could have something similar to Ultimate Spider-Woman; that means a female clone of Spider-Man with the name and suit of Jessica Drewn the original Spider-Woman.
- We could also have Miles Warren becoming the Jackal, probably after being exposed to the same gas that created the Green Goblin. After all, Warren's laboratory was the same place where the Green Goblin had his first lair.

- The Identity Crisis sounds like another potential arc for the series to continue. After Norman Osborn returned, he cleared his name and blames Spider-Man for a crime he didn't commited. So, to clear his name, Peter has to use different identities.
- Another potential idea to be used here could be the return of Peter Parker's parents. In the comics, they were just robots controlled by the Chameleon; but how about if in this reality, they are clones created by the Jackal?
- The series could also give us Mary Jane getting pregnant and finish with the birth of May "Mayday" Parker, giving us a better ending to this arc than in the comics; and possibly giving us a future similar to the one from MC2.

2º) "X-Men":
- The series should continue where it was left, with the Graduation of the old X-Men and Charles Xavier leaving with Lilandra to save his life. A new school of mutants could be introduced here, possibly the ones known as the New Mutants; while the old members of the X-Men work as teachers and tutors for them.
- The stories used in the comics about this reality "X-Men 92" could be adapted as continuation of this series. Introducing Cassandra Nova would be an interesting idea.
- The arc of "Onslaught" would be interesting to be adapted. In the comics "X-Men '92", we already saw Onslaugh emerging from Charles Xavier's phyche, so it could be funny to see it causing the event with the same name.
- As consequence of Onsalught, it would be appropiated to see "Operation: Zero Tolerance" to happen. It would be creepy, but cool at the same time.
- The arc known as "One Man's Worth" inspired the creation of the "Age of Apocalypse" in the comics, but we never saw anything like that reality in the series. So, I guess they could adapt it in a different way to give us something like that.
- "Apocalypse: The Twelve" could work for this series too, but in a different way.
- The unsolved plot between Rogue and Miss Marvel (Carol Danvers) should be solved in a way that Carol can wake from her coma and with her powers. Even if Rogue lose those powers, I believe current fans of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel wouldn't like to see trapped in a coma.

Well, what do you think?

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