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May 6, 2001
Surprising as it may seem, it’s now been half a decade since the animated adaptation of Gundam Unicorn came to an end. An animated adaptation of the pre-war chapters of The Origin would follow soon after but sadly doesn’t seem to have had the sheer success of the previous project, so Sunrise and Bandai have returned to the Unicorn well for the sequel movie Gundam NT (Narrative).
Picking up one year after the events of the 7-episode OVA, NT focuses on the pursuit of the Phenex, a third Unicorn-model Gundam that was created in spin-off works due to the success the animated project was enjoying. The incredible abilities both the Unicorn and Banshee displayed in their final battle has led to a fearful humanity to deconstruct them. With one of those abilities possibly extending to mastery of time and...
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