"Reign of the Supermen" Animated Feature Pre-Release News & Discussion (Spoilers)

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Looks like Wonder Woman is letting her hair down moving forward :).
Yes, seems like that moment when her hair came loose in TDoS when she fought Doomsday was symbolic. Perhaps she keeps it that way out of respect to Superman, warrior to warrior. I remember from German legends and whatnot, that was done during times of peace.


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Hey! Argentinian here, too.

I actually had no idea they were going to show this on theatres. Since tickets for both movies are being sold separetely despite being shown one right after the other, I think I might just go to see Reign.
Buy tickets now! I want it to be a success and to start passing all the DC animated movies on the big screen! =)

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Got some Reign of the Supermen updates! Check out a new clip featuring Steel, get early details a special upcoming home media release (bringing together The Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen as one feature-length movie), and a reminder on the Fathom Events double feature event! It's all available at The World's Finest!


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While the Deluxe Editon (or whatever they decide to call it) was clearly inevitable... I have to say I'm surprised they have announced it now. I'm already seeing alot of people playing the wait game in regards to this. If physical sales do dip for Reign, hopefully WB will understand why.
In the least, it is progressive of them to announce the set before part 2 comes out.
For DC animation? Death of was their first project on that front (I keep a list on page 1 of the general movie news thread). I'd bet either DR Movie or The Answer Studio did Reign.
I watch the whole movie and the credit roll. It turn out that it was animated by newest Korean animation studio namely Maven Image Platform. It such a shame that The Answer Studio or DR Movie was not involved in this project.


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