Ranking the Scooby girls voice actresses


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Jan 23, 2007
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So how would you rank the voices of Daphine Blake and Velma Dinkley in the history of Scooby Doo?

I am only comparing the girls because they had the most turnover over the years, not to mention the original voices of the male characters are voice over legends, I don't think that is really a fair fight.

One more thing, not counting Pup Named Scooby Doo, or the younger year scenes in SCOOB!, as far as I am concerned they are very different characters. Though like me mention I think Kellie Martin is fine actress, she does a fine job in anything I have seen.

My rankings, (if I have stuff to say I will state them, if not I just list them)

Daphine Blake

1) Grey DeLisle Griffin - I know purist are going to disagree. But to me she is the best Daphine Blake. I judge that on her resume, her tenure as Daphine, she is the longest running Daphine. To be fair, modern day Daphine has more personality and stuff to work of than classic Daphine.

2) Heather North - the second longest tenure Daphine, probably a big reason she ranks this high with me, the others don't have enough body of work to really make an impression. I give her credit, her performance made Daphine more of a klutz and thus more to her character, than just being the girl that predecessor had. For what little she was giving, she made the most of it. especially in 13 Ghosts When she came back for those couple of movies in the early 2000's, she did sound a little off.

3) Mary Kay Bergman

4) Stefianna Christorpherson

5) Amanda Seyfried

Velma Dinkley

Before I start, let me say Velma is way more harder to rank, I think the ones at the top, of the list, the top 3 at least are so close in quality, it is hard to rank.

1) Nicole Jaffe - what the heck I will go with the original. I came very close with going with my number 2.

2) Kate Micucci - I really love her Velma, she just hasn't done it long enough to make her number 1. But maybe some day.

3) Mindy Cohin - I think her performance is fine, she gets the character, though the way Velma was written in her era not a fan, either she is too arrogant in What's New, or too mean in Mystery Incorporated. So maybe I have a bias, sorry.

4) Gina Rodriguez

5) Patrica Stevens

6) BJ Ward

7) Maria Frumkin

So that is my ranking, if I missed a voice actress, that was in Scooby Doo media, I am sorry.


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Feb 7, 2002
Cristina Valenzuela voiced both Daphne and Velma in last year's Scooby-Doo! Playmobil Mini Mysteries.
For Daphne, definitely a tie between Grey and Heather. I agree with Zoombie's post about Grey doing a modern day Daphne and having more to work with, but Jeepers! Heather's been at the role for so long, we can definitely consider her the classic Daphne voice.

As for Velma, jinkies! I'd have to say Nicole. She really brought the character to life. Next might be Kate. Since she's been voicing Velma for five years, I'm starting to like her Velma better than Mindy's. Seems like Kate's Velma brings some youth back to the character. Sadly, my least favorite would have to be Murla Frumkin. She really made Velma sound way off in the later "Scooby and Scrappy" episodes and in TNSDM. Very painful to hear.


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