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Wandering Merbears: the monotonous Ice Merbear and the happy Michael, sorta like a Grizz Jr. to the Merbear King.


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Back after a few weeks with new black merman OCs:

Cody (left)
Cory (right)
Lil' Hoot Hoot, the merguinea pig (middle, Cody's pet)

I still haven't defined a kingdom but I guess they're kinda from RandomMe's place but close to Freshwater where Milo lives. Backstory:

It is believed that Cory and Cody were two kids who at one point started behaving like merkids for fun. Someone later started recording the behavior of the two pretending that they were mermen warriors. The footage (taken about fifteen years ago) was spread like wildfire and was later believed to be cursed. When the two turned 13 they became merpeople and stopped aging. The videos are still being investigated regarding the effects that made them merpeople.

And what about Lil' Hoot Hoot? Recently Cody got him. As it turns out he's actually a part of the Hoot Hoot family of merguinea pigs, to such an extent that he housed them, all five of them, while making Lil' Hoot Hoot his pet.


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back after epheons of ages with new merboys, this time looking at Singaporean TV channels (how weird I am) for inspiration. Unnamed but the one on the left is Channel 5 and the one on the right is Okto, loosely inspired by humanizations of Darwin as a black merman. He's sad because he is no longer able to live on his own anymore.


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Test sketch of Phineas as a merman:

Test sketch is 1, 2 is correct colors (used a picture of Phineas Flynn as reference) and 3 is Flounder who in my canon (The Monetization is the RMCU :D) is Phineas' lil' brudder brother who just loves playing with toys. Inspired by a dream I had in 2013 where all citizens of Danville moved to the merworld after the series finale. Everyone except Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz whose company just collapsed and ran out of ideas for inators. Aside from being a Disney crossover (Flounder is patterned after the fish of the same name), he is also an OC of mine.


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My first human OC (merman form available). I was inspired by @themidnightlore and his humanizations of TV channels and thought of doing my own for a channel, explicitly using its icon. A channel I lost interest but played part in my April Fool's Day pranks and is in @animegamer's cable subscription, Rupavahini, as a fairy. To the left is the channel's logo as reference.

Whew, trying to draw the wings and the leaf pattern was complicated :O

Rupavahini, from the Sinhala word for television (and of the channel of the same name) is a fairy that has a bit of a shy personality. Sometimes considered an outcast, Rupavahini understands Bangla RandomMe a lot (see the posts I did at Post something random at ASF in January-February, he lives with my Bangladeshi persona) Rupavahini ends up wreaking havoc, as if the roles of Timmy and the fairies were swapped over. As a merman, his wings become fins.

Basically an opposite Timmy Turner. He has a pet bird that looks like the Rupavahini bird and also has a few hours of sleep (about 4.5 a night). He wakes up at 4:50 and goes to bed at midnight.


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Inspired by today's dream, consider this as a prototype.
filename is merbear in my backpack because that's what happened in the dream, even though I was a human. But I guess that's the first time since Mermando where I have a physical encounter with a mercreature. Mermando back in February 2014 had led to me becoming a merman just for one second and then the scene changed. The fins I almost had.

Accompanying line:
Bloo: Haven't you noticed? You just touched a shark merbear! Probably a cub, because HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO FIT IN YOUR OWN BACKPACK? How did he get in?

thumbs up if you read it in Bloo's voice


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