Rainmaker revives the Mainframe Entertainment brand, announces new ReBoot TV series

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Mar 17, 2010
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Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.

VANCOUVER, BC (September 30, 2013) - A renowned global animation brand is about to be re-booted. Reflecting the company's commitment to the production of animated programming for television, Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. has named its television division Mainframe Entertainment.

In conjunction with the re-birth of Mainframe Entertainment, a name celebrated for its pioneering achievements in computer-animated television, the company has unveiled the first two series in development: an all-new version of the popular ReBoot franchise and Tiger's Apprentice, a CGI animated series based on the trilogy of young adult novels written by award-winning author Laurence Yep.

The reimagining of the venerable ReBoot series comes just in time for its 20[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary. Making its debut on television screens in 1994, ReBoot was centered on the world of Mainframe, where a guardian program sprite and his friends defended the system from superviruses bent on creating havoc and destruction. Mainframe Entertainment will team with leading computer industry manufacturers to update the ReBoot universe and create a ground-breaking viewing experience for fans.

Mainframe has also partnered with Jane Startz, the multi-Emmy, Golden Globe and ACE Award-winning producer of Ella Enchanted, The Indian In The Cupboard, Tuck Everlasting and the acclaimed The Magic School Bus. Tiger's Apprentice, a coming of age story centered around 12-year-old Tom Lee and the Guardians of the Phoenix. Set in San Francisco, this modern-day fantasy is filled with classic Chinese lore, magic, comedy and action as Tom and the Guardians fight to protect the human race from ancient evil forces intent on its destruction. Mainframe has optioned the animation rights to Tiger's Apprentice as part of its commitment towards bringing popular book-based children's properties to television.

"We are excited to focus our television production activities under the Mainframe brand with an all-new version of ReBoot as well as engage with celebrated children's programming producer Jane Startz on Tiger's Apprentice. ReBoot is certain to be embraced by a new generation of fans while Tiger's Apprentice will provide a bold and unique television experience for kids everywhere," said Michael Hefferon, President and Executive Producer of Mainframe parent Rainmaker Entertainment.

Acquired from Starz Media in 2006 by then newly-established Rainmaker Entertainment, Mainframe Entertainment was responsible for an impressive production slate throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, including several seasons of ReBoot, as well as the critically-acclaimed "Transformers"™ spin-off Beast Wars. Mainframe credits also include Weird-Oh's, Spider-Man, Action Man, Heavy Gear, Max Steel, Scary Godmother and Barbie.
While I didn't dive into my opinion on this (there's not much to talk about), I did a write up on this news. I'm a bit skeptical on this show ever existing.

Peter Paltridge

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Sep 24, 2003
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Rainmaker has been on the verge of collapse ever since they bought Mainframe, changed the name and tried to do things their own way.

Look who came crawling back.....

Frankly, I would love Canadian CGI to return to its 90s glory days when they were edgier and more creative than anyone else. But this is the second ReBoot reboot to be announced (third if you count the proposed "Binomes" preschool show) and I can't help but be skeptical we'll see this one escape the factory either.


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May 9, 2013
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You're right, it isn't, but I'll bet Rainmaker might turn to Tim Curry to succeed Tony Jay as Megabyte. Remember Hexodecimal? Kathleen Barr voiced her on the original ReBoot, so chances are, she'll reprise that role.
I think Corey Burton might be a better fit for Megabyte considering the way he voiced Hugo Strange in Batman Arkham City.


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Mar 17, 2010
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I was gonna say, didn't they announce a new ReBoot series, like, ten years ago, and nothing ever came of it?
There was Binomes, which was a preschooler aimed spinoff that ultimately never went beyond a pitch. Rainmaker had announced a ReBoot film trilogy back in 2008, but that seemingly never went further publicly than this teaser.


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Mar 29, 2006
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Very true. However, I heard a lot of people say Jim Cummings sounds almost identical to him, so maybe he'll take over the role. Even if he doesn't, I'm sure they'll find some sound-a-like.
Come to think of it, that's true- Jim has had a history of succeeding some of the greatest voice-over legends in the industry in various roles. Over the years, he's succeeded Paul Winchell, Paul Frees and Mel Blanc- don't be surprised if he succeeds Tony Jay, next.


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Mar 17, 2010
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The new ReBoot won’t quite be as fans remember

“The world of technology has change drastically in the 20 years from when ReBoot first started,” Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon told Canada.com, and hinted that they already had a strategic partnership with one “major computer entity” to bring the show into the new millennium.

The world of ReBoot will need an upgrade for a new generation — and yes, that includes the characters: Bob, Enzo, Dot, Phong, Hexadecimal, Megabyte and the whole gang are unlikely to be featured players any longer.

“I don’t think too many people would remember what a Dot Matrix is anymore,” said Hefferon.

That’s not to say your old favourites are gone forever. Hefferon says a mix of old and new is the most likely outcome.

“I think there’s always opportunities to bring characters back for fun cameo appearances,” he said.

“We’’re very big fans of the characters, the world, but now trying to say how do those characters and worlds fit today for a new generation of kids who don’t know anything about the previous ReBoot.”
“The ReBoot world has grown beyond a mainframe,” said Hefferon.

Though much will be new about ReBoot, the creators still want to harness the original show’s affinity for turning kids on to technology.

“I’ve been so impressed hearing from fans how ReBoot basically helped facilitate or open up their eyes to opportunities for their careers,” said Hefferon. “Countless people have gone into technology jobs because of ReBoot.”

Computer-generated graphics are par for the course now, so for the reboot Hefferon wants to get kids hooked on coding. He plans to push computer coding languages in the show then create further opportunities to learn through the show’s online counterparts.

“Coding has become such an important aspect, it effects every part of our lives whether we know it or we don’t know it,” said Hefferon.
“There’s so many things that we can do now with technology that didn’t exist or was in its infancy stage with ReBoot,” said Hefferon.

“We want to create that same ‘wow’ factor.”
More at the link. Unsurprisingly they're pitching the show to YTV.
May 12, 2012
Well my interest in this has pretty much gone out the window now. I wanted a satisfying conclusion to the cliffhanger but now we won't even have the original characters. I'll watch it when it airs, but I am longer as excited as I was prior to this news. This is one series that shouldn't be completely "rebooted".


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