R.I.P. Ron McLarty (1947-2020)

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Apr 7, 2018
New Hampshire, U.S.
Okay, I only recently heard about him, but I thought this would be worth bringing up here.

An obit for actor, playwright, narrator and novelist Ron McLarty can be found here, listing many of his credentials (which include Spenser for Hire and the Law & Order franchise): Ron McLarty, Actor on 'Spenser for Hire,' 'Cop Rock' and 'Law & Order,' Dies at 72

Not in the article: voiceover-wise, he did the voices of Papa Bear and the narrator for TV specials of The Berenstain Bears from 1979 to 1983, currently unspecified role(s) in Courage the Cowardly Dog and Commissioner Gordon in Batman: Dark Tomorrow.

Perhaps most interestingly, he had a career as an audiobook narrator for numerous novels, thanks to Stephen King recommending his narration for his (McLarty's) then-unpublished book The Memory of Running.

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