Powerpuff Girls Reboot (Hanna Barbera Studios)


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Jan 5, 2014

The Powerpuff Girls is getting another reboot. Unlike the anime or the 2016 series, this show will have original series creator Craig McCracken back onboard. The new show is developed by Hannah Barbera Studios.


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Jun 27, 2007
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I think you mean Cathy (as in Cavadini). You’re right about Tara (Charandoff/Strong) and Elizabeth (“E.G.” Daily), though.

In any case, I hope this means that that planned live-action deconstructive parody has been called off…

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Dec 22, 2017
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I know everyone has said it already but with Craig back on the helm, this already sounds better than the 2016 reboot. I hope they get Cathy, Tara, and E.G. to voice the girls again. (Though all of Tom Kane's characters will have to be recasted unfortunately so hope they find a good successor).


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Oct 28, 2016
First of all, a new Gumball series for HB Europe, then a new Wacky Race Series, and now PPG and Foster’s revival. What’s next, The Jetsons or The Flinstones?

Anyway, great that the franchise is returning in a new series, different from 2016 reboot. Sadly, FHFIF has went to HB Studios Europe rather than CN Studios, but glad they’ll care about the shows.


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Sep 9, 2018
They are going to try a Powerpuff Girls reboot again this time with the OG creator… Ideally they should have done that with the previous reboot but McCracken was working on Wander over Yonder that unfortunately ended shortly after PPG 2016 premiered, or they should have put plans for a PPG reboot on hold. You know what though? I’m gonna give it a chance if McCracken is on board.


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Oct 2, 2020
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Are you serious? Am I living in a dream? Is this real?

Let me check the article....

(one reading later)

Oh my god! NO WAY!!! It is real!!!!

I just have to say, first of all, THANK THE LORD Craig McCracken is involved in Powerpuff Girls again.

Secondly, as long as we got the original three girls (E.G Daily, Tara Strong, Cathy Cavadini) back, I'll be even more happier!!! :D

Okay, Cartoon Network. You got me on this. As long as the new PPG reboot is just as good as the original, then I'm 100% looking forward to it.

Plus, I'm just gonna pretend the 2016 reboot and the CW version NEVER happened.

the 2016 reboot is for now confirmed "non-canon".
I HOPE it's non-canon!

t McCracken was working on Wander over Yonder that unfortunately ended shortly after PPG 2016 premiered,
Don't remind me. That pour a salt in a wound for me.


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Apr 1, 2022
McCracken after the 2016 reboot ruined his creation:
FINE, I'll do it myself - Fine I'll do it myself thanos | Meme Generator

But all jokes aside, I am excited for this. Let's hope they bring the original VAs too, aside from Tom Kane, who will have to be recasted due to his stroke.

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May 18, 2006
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You know I really hope this winds up working out though not just for PPG but it becomes a sign for CN to try and getting back some of their original talent to relaunch some of their classic shows. Like imagine of this leads to Maxwell Atoms back for Billy and Mandy or Mr. Warburton back for Kids Next Door... aka series they WANTED to do revivals and relaunches for but couldn't thanks to previous CN management disallowing that. But between Genndy more coming back and now McCracken maybe that management's ideals have changed and they will properly allow for these revivals.

As for PPG if it wants to work as I've said over and over again it needs to lean HARDER on the action element the original series had that is what made it such a success... and made all of these other projects like the anime, the 2016 revival and a special here and there such flops. Like yeah it should still have comedy and the characters obviously but having the hardcore action was a staple of the original series that was lost in the last seasons that made the show go sour so if they want this take to work they need to go with what worked originally. I'm especially asking that because McCracken mostly left the series after the movie and that's when it really started coming apart so now that he's coming back hope he remembers to put in what made it work so much in the first place.


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Jun 4, 2007
Eh, personally I'm about Powerpuffed out (my interest in PPG started to wane towards the end of the first series; I caught the first few episodes of the reboot, realized I wasn't missing anything great and never checked in on it again) but I'm not the target for this; fans should be psyched for this now that the creator is back on board.

Now folks can just pretend the 2016 reboot never happened, especially now that it's been established as non-canon. Honestly the only people involved with that show that I feel/felt sorry for are the new PPG voice actors, for all the vitriol they received just for not being Cathy Cavadini, Tara Strong and E.G. Daily. The 2016 PPG series was not great, but it wasn't their fault, nor was it their faults for landing the roles; they just read the lines that were written for them like they were asked. But yeah, now we can all just forget about all that and move on.


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Jan 23, 2016
I feel good about this. The other two reboot projects weren't really good, especially the live-action series that's in limbo but with McCraken back, I feel pretty good about this one. I wonder if that live-action project will get shelved.


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Apr 23, 2007
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I'm surprised that Craig is returning, because I always took The Powerpuff Girls Rule special as his last hurrah with the franchise. He's not the kind of creator who likes keeping his projects around for too long.

But at the same time, no one seems to get the girls as well as he does. The original show wasn't the same when he left to work on Foster's, and none of the other works to feature the girls since have compared. I'll admit that this isn't the first Cartoon Network series that I want to return, but since there's at best a .05% of Mo Willems bringing back Sheep in the Big City or Warner letting Genndy return to Sym-Bionic Titan, and if Craig still has something to say with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, I'm there.


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