Powerhouse Bumper Question


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Sep 10, 2006
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I do not recognize the bumpers at 0:44 and 0:53, and neither does my friend. Are they international? I thought I heard somewhere that they were fanmade. If that’s the case, I’m impressed. They fooled me. Also if that’s the case, why is there a Primal Screen logo in the bottom corner?


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Sep 16, 2013
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As RandomMe said, most likely Asia/Australia which were the international feeds that used them the most and where the main/default language is English. Primal Screen was the company that made the Powerhouse bumpers and they've also adapted the rebrand for the international market, although it was used sparingly in Europe, with AMGFX in London doing their own version based on Primal Screen's work. It's likely originated from an old version of Primal Screen's website.
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