Potential upcoming shows post-2019 for Disney Channel and streaming services

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Aug 11, 2018
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San Francisco
The Wall Street Journal has highlighted that the 20th Century Fox Film and TV studios are teaming up to make new TV series. Besides the ones that are meant for older audiences on their main channels, there are some general audience shows in the works. Quote from the article "It’s Getting Awkward at Fox’s Movie Studio as Disney Deal Looms": "At the same time, Ms. Snider is moving her film studio into TV production, with series in development based on its “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “Ice Age” and “Night at the Museum” film franchises." Definitely Ice Age is animated. Wimpy Kid originally had Cabin Fever as a special which never aired and then we got that fourth film/reboot last year. The show could just take place after the third film and disregard the box office failure from last year. Night at the Museum wrapped its own trilogy a few years ago so we could get a spin-off. I would hope all three would be animated instead of only Ice Age. If the deal goes through next year through regulatory approvals, I wouldn't mind seeing Blue Sky making TV shows, Pixar making shows also, and Disney and Fox collaborating on the Wimpy Kid and Night at the Museum TV shows. The more the channels and services are filled with franchise-related shows, I'm not missing the age of great live-action shows on Disney Channel that we previously had up until this year. I'm looking forward to see the range that animation can stretch for storytelling. How do you feel about some of these announcements so far? Link to article: It’s Getting Awkward at Fox’s Movie Studio as Disney Deal Looms
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