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Aug 2, 2020


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May 13, 2016
Pans & Company, the Iberian equivalent to Subway.

Outkast's best selling and critically acclaimed album.

My response to Roger Craig Smith's return as Sonic.

I quite like their sandwiches.


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May 30, 2021
I was born in 1990 in a small country in Lithuania. It can be said that my generation was the one who grew up surrounded by anime, of course as a child I grew up with animations like ‘teenage turtles ninjas’, ‘stone defenders’ etc. I later discovered a dragon ball on a Polish TV channel, both Polish but not my own country channel. And that’s how I started to get involved and empathize with the whole action, I was inspired by Goku and after that day I feel inspired by anime heroes.

After reviewing the DB, DBZ and DBGT series, I started looking for my new hero and so I discovered Naruto. Naruto way I can compare to Goku, they always wanted to save the world, always love their family and friends, see some good for every enemy and want to turn evil into good. Both always wanted to be the strongest to be able to defend the whole world.

Reviewed by Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, how long I rested from the anime. You see life boils, wanted and girls and fun and something in life to experience. That’s when I got everything I wanted in life, I started looking for a new anime hero I liked. It all ended in three series and I don’t look anymore. But suddenly I discovered “Fullmetal Alchemist” I was newly inspired. It’s anime about a particularly strong brother relationship, it was relevant to me because I have a brother too. I really liked this anime but unfortunately there were too few series.

My last anime, but I really adore him for his character and how he looks lightly at all the problems, this is Saitama’s One Punch Man. Really spectacular anime with lots of effects and spectacular characters.

Yes I am 30 years old, yes I have a wife and even a son. But as I mentioned I’m really inspired by anime heroes, I grew up and continue to live with them. I even started building a website inspired by anime heroes. In it, I discuss the best anime products ( I hope the anime heroes help me. Thanks for reading. Write down what anime you grew up with, or maybe you’re still growing up. Anime forever !!!

stephane dumas

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Apr 23, 2006
The Ford Maverick nameplate made a comeback as a small truck.

The first use of the Maverick name was for a model using the Falcon chassis who replaced the Falcon in North America (the Falcon name continued to be used in Argentina and Australia) going against the Chevrolet Nova, AMC Hornet, Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant & Duster. Interesting trivia, the Falcon sold in Mexico was referred as "Falcon Maverick" in its first model year.

1971 Ford Falcon Maverick (Mexico) p1 by Michael, on Flickr


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Oct 8, 2017
Midwest America
Ready to travel from Paris to New York?

Experience a unique adventure.

Meet the United Heroez.

Special episodes, Miraculous World: New York, United Heroez.

And after that, more of your favourite Ladybug's adventures.

Ladybug's worlds?

Saturday and Sunday from...



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Damn! A lot of exiting Nintendo E3 announcement today.
"Atlantis: The Lost Empire" is 20 years old today.
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Maybe it's time for me to get back with Nintendo after 11-12 years
At 18:00 CET, the Euro 2020 match between Hungary and Portugal will begin, and I'll watch it. I designed a special avatar for it in the morning.

I will revert to the "lovely" avatar tomorrow.
Happy 9 year anniversary Gravity Falls.

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