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Dec 30, 2012
Braga, Portugal
And now, my end of year story, compiled.

The year is 2019. Avatars of European Toonzone/Anime Superhero users wake up in a desolate landscape where they were transported to Atlantica years before Ariel's emancipation. However, Atlantica has switched on its internet service and is imposing a law similar to Article 13. Milo (RandomMe) has a YouTube channel where he just uploads awful remixes and is subscribed to YouTube channels from Limith and Atlantis. However, at King Triton's request, YouTube has been limited to nothing, so were the other websites. This seemed to negatively influence local content creators whose views, taken into account to the underwater world's statistics, account to up to 20.000. It is up to them to end this hypocrisy.

And then, as Milo tried to leave Atlantica, he was confronted with another YouTuber who was facing issues: Lord Elilenk. Despite his title, he had a young stature and he only felt like making videos of custom Marble Blast levels. He wasn't aware that the game was going to breach Article 13 standards.

As the year was over, Milo and Elilenk were now in Milo (of the Deep)'s own room in Limith. He gave them basic accomodation and says that they are trying to jam internet and communication signals from Atlantica later in the month, at an unknown date. Undersea internet still remains a mystery for many land dwellers.

wish I continued


Beak Freak & Bronikitty
Sep 9, 2018

I watch Teen Titans Go every day
I watch Teen Titans Go
I watch Teen Titans Go every day
I watch Teen Titans Go

When I wake up
I'm grabbing my phone
I wanna watch 'em all
I wanna watch Teen Titans Go
All day long, all day long

I watch Teen Titans Go every day
I watch Teen Titans Go

(Guitar Solo)

I watch Teen Titans Go every day
I watch Teen Titans Go

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