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Walrus Toy Store owner
what many of us want to be


Thanks for watching “Jake glides down the whivers”
A shame that Underconsideration is locking content behind paywalls. Now people are gonna miss interactions like this.

(I think this was on the page about the Firefox logo).


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Disney Plus, HBO Max and CBS All Access are monster apps.
jmac5cicada wrote on mojokingbee1's profile.
where did you find the hanna barbera 50th anniversary special?
I wish a lot of newer cartoons got more attention
I decided not to change my username because I am fine with this one.
Hitting a major case of trouble scripting the latest issue of The Un-Iverse (F.I.S.H. #2 "The Society Of The Broken Egg"). It's not exactly writer's block because I know the story I want to tell. I'm just having a hard time telling it WELL. First time in a long time I've hit a snag like this.