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First we believe that we are looking at an actual bear using snorkeling glasses and catching fish. But then again we don't understand it until his true identity is revealed.
What we believed to be a regular bear has been standing the natural selection process of Charles Darwin and has become one of the many species to get past the mermaid gene. Our bear is revealed to be a merbear, and like many grizzly merbears, his tail is green.
We then get to witness the entire body of our merbear subject, by showing off his awesomeness to the world.
And that's why merbears are awesome, even with snorkeling glasses on.

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I don't get why some people thought the Season 5 Finale of Steven Universe would've been better suited as a Series Finale, when there's still a TV Movie and at least one more season coming on the way.
I have a channel on YouTube - TheSnickers04 :)
"Double Dare at Super Bowl" commercial! Can't wait!
Viacom is buying PlutoTV it's official now
Today the world honored the legacy of our true hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his most famous motto, "I have a dream".