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May 13, 2003
Saw this in Target recently- I had never heard of this movie but the art style on the case, title and description intrigued me so I blind bought it. (last time I did this with an anime film was The Night is Short, Walk on Girl)

Basic plot: Gene, an assistant in the entertainment industry, is given the shot to turn producer Pompo's script into reality- she takes the chance because he's a tortured soul and they make the best art. What follows is this rookie going through all the challenges of making a film, from casting to filming to securing financing to crunch time editing. There's also an old film star who comes out of retirement to star in it (no pressure or anything).

If you're a film lover and especially if you've ever tried to direct your own, this movie will likely be right up your alley. There are nods of relatability in many moments, like Gene trying to find the best way to introduce a character through editing. Also liked the Hollywood-esque atmosphere (albeit more idealized), offering a different setting than most anime, which take place in Japan. Good animation quality. I enjoyed it overall, and offered something refreshingly different.

Who else has seen it?


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Mar 26, 2018
I've seen this movie, actually own it on Blu-Ray too. It's a well done movie, pretty interesting characters without feeling too sappy or over done. The animation was great, love the more colorful version of Hollywood. I liked it.


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Mar 2, 2002
I didn't like this movie. Pompo was so annoying. The deconstruction of the film editing process was interesting, though.
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