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Jun 5, 2017
If the show's anything like Dark Shadows, then, yes, it's going to have a lot of exposition as dialog. It's easy to write, & it helps keep the audience up to speed if they miss an episode, or if they're doing housework while listening to the show.

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Sep 24, 2003
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Turns out I posted the link to the YouTube channel with all those Passions episodes on one of the earlier YouTube threads....in 2013. It is of course gone now but the page layout is on Archive.org. You can't watch them but you can read their descriptions:
Kay manages to escape unscathed from her adventure as a panther. A near drowning almost reunites Sheridan and Luis. Tabitha tells Timmy about Luis and Sheridan's tragic past-life romance aboard the Titanic.
This is why I need to find more of them. You can just pick one at random and have enough material for an article.

UPDATE: This is literally the last place I looked, but who can blame me
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