Pitch the most cynical and absurd reboot imaginable

I'll give out an example on how you can pitch your idea for a absurd/cynical reboot

Nickelodeon's Mutt and Jeff where they're 10 year old boys making fart jokes and meme references
and basically it's FanBoy and Chum Chum 2.0 but they took some 113 year old comic that no one talks about or remembers anymore and turned it into a stupid buddy show.

Or The CW's Scooby Doo where it's focuses more on the Mystery Gang and they drop the "monster of the week" approach to the show and make it more about murder files and investigations. (basically CSI meets Riverdale) And Scooby will be an actual dog and will act more like the police-dog of the show. And the title would be just called "Mystery Inc."
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