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I'll believe it when I see a trailer is proof when it's really premiering.

In before people continue their pessimism about the release date.


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I’m glad to hear Netflix is still involved. I was worried even they weren’t interested in the show anymore.

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Wow...just...frickin' the time it'll be released, it would be THREE YEARS SINCE the first footage came took them THIS LONG to release a show about talking food...pathetic.

I.R. Shokew

I'll be sticking with reruns of either Gumball or Unikitty, either way. Nothing about this show is remotely promising, and it's clear whomever worked on it by now ain't none too proud of it, if it's taking this long to come out with even a handful of episodes.


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Maybe they're delaying the show so they can release the entire series at once. I mean at this point this seems like the only "logical" reason for the delay.


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New video from Butch Hartman:

"Telling the story of when Nickelodeon told me to change Mikey character design from Bunsen is a Beast because it was too similar to Pinky Malinky!"


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Crossing fingers on Hulu being the next move unless of course if Nick decides to stop the Spongebob treatment.

Elijah Abrams

Just deal with it!
So that's more Pinky Malinky???

This project was doomed from the start.
Nick might as well just sell the show back to Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjonen, the show's creators. They might as well just create their own website to post all of the show's episodes every week.

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