Peter Sallis, Voice of Wallace from "Wallace and Gromit", Dead at 96

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May 21, 2014
Can't say I'm surprised. He was already in poor health as it was for years. The only question was "when he was going to kick the bucket"?

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May 11, 2007
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That's really sad to hear. I always liked watching Wallace and Gromit back in the day. I'd often rented the shorts on VHS at Blockbusters. I didn't know that Wallace's voice actor was that old though. At least he lived a long life. I hope that he's at peace and that his friends and family members will be okay.
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Oct 24, 2013
Was quite saddened to hear this. He added so much charm to the series, especially since he was the only voice in many projects.

It was something that was sadly looming for a while, since Nick Park had spoken about his poor health previously, Sallis had in fact not been voicing Wallace for quite a while, having coached a soundalike for several modern projects and advertisements (who while obviously not quite the same, does at least seem to do the role justice). Park had in fact stated this to be the reason he wasn't sure about making anymore proper films of Wallace and Gromit since he knew how much Sallis played into making Wallace's character.

Also another Last of the Summer Wine star that has left us, though at least Sallis managed a perfect attendance record before the show ended. That's some dedication.
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