Patrick Stewart is the New Number 2 in Sony's "The Emoji Movie"

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The Miraculous New York special premieres TONIGHT! Can't wait to see it soon.
are there any more changes for nicktoons, teennick, or nickjr schedule for this week? i wont be able to spend more time on this... but if anything i missed, please tell me..
Happy 9 year marriage anniversary to Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham.

Today's TOTS episode has 2 Amanda Waller voice actors. Vanessa Williams voices Captain Beakman (first name Candace), one of the show's major characters. Her younger sister Cora is voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown.
Update on my Mom:

She's still alive. My Dad seems optimistic that she'll pull through this with the help of her doctors although she may need to be in rehab for a few weeks. She's a tough old girl.