Patrick Stewart is the New Number 2 in Sony's "The Emoji Movie"

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I hope you will see PPGZ on HBO Max very soon.
I just got HBO Max and the first things I’ve streamed in order are Chowder, FMA:Brotherhood, and Looney Tunes Cartoons.
Pokemon World Variants of Looney Tunes Characters, Volume 1:

Bugs Bunny - Bailey Buneary
Daffy Duck - Swanky Swanna
Porky Pig - Grady Grumpig
Elmer Fudd - Elton Judd
Yosemite Sam - Nimbasa Nick

More on the way!
Apparently WarnerMedia and Comcast made a deal to bring HBO Max to Xfinity customers who subscribed to HBO and now I get HBO Max at no additional charge. :)