Over 11 Years - Your Top 5 Shows that aired on Toonami

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Apr 5, 2007
East Coast
1. Yu Yu Hakusho (This show just makes me think Toonami).

2. DB/DBZ (This was pretty much my fav part of every lineup when I was younger).

3. Naruto (This was my fav part of the lineup when there was no more YYH or DB/Z lol.)

4. One Piece (Great show).

5. Big O (One of my favs, but I never actually saw it when it was on Toonami lol).
Oct 20, 2007
Detroit MI
DBZ the king of all action shows
MEGAS XLR big robot smashing always good
Tenchi good fights with funny romance with 6 girls
G Gundam all fighting no colony crap
FUN Piece- no more 4 crap and more closer to the og
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