Out of Print DCAU Rarities Mega-Thread.


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Aug 11, 2012
After some brief discussion with James Harvey in "I Love to Read Batman & Superman" Thread, we came to agreement that it would be a fun idea to format a DCAU Rarities Mega Thread in order to archive not only those issues, but other out of print DCAU works as well. I'll try to keep to pieces that are no longer officially available, but will also link to outlets for official re-leases of easy to miss material. If anything that's included ends up being considered off-limits, I'll remove it upon moderator request.

This thread is a work in progress and may change up how it's organized over time, but I figured if I don't go ahead and get a start on it, I never will, so without further a-do! If a

    • Batman Adventures
      • Batman And Me/Batman Born on the Fourth of July (SCANS NEEDED)
        • Details: "Batman and Me" otherwise known as "Batman Born on the Fourth of July" was a promotional give-away in which you could have your name, birthday and hometown added to an issue of Batman Adventures for the price of $6.99 and two wrappers of Rain-Blo Bubblegum. [Print Ad][Behind the Scenes][Select Panels]
      • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Movie Adaptation)
        • Details: A direct adaptation of the "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" film, this comic has been released 3 separate times, once as a digest sized VHS pack-in, and twice on comic shop shelves. Years later, it has somehow been neglected in re-prints of Batman Adventures and remains unavailable on Digital Platforms like Comixology or DC Universe Infinite [CBR File]
      • Big-Top Batman (BETTER SCANS NEEDED)
        • Details: "Big-Top Batman" is a 3 Page story by the Batman Adventures team for Fox Kids' "Totally Kids Magazine" November 1992 issue. Current images are courtesy of "The Kids Block Blog", but better images would be appreciated if possible [CBR File]
    • Superman & Batman Magazine
    • Batman & Robin Adventures
      • Batman & Robin Adventures: Sub-Zero
        • Details: Much like it's predecessor, "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm", "Batman & Mr. Freeze Sub-Zero" also received a comic book adaptation that has also been neglected in trade collection reprints and digital retailers [CBR File]
      • Batman & Robin Adventures Special Collector's Edition: Presented by Act II Popcorn (SCANS NEEDED)
        • Details: This comic was a promotional mail-in give-away for buying "Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero" on VHS along with Act II Popcorn. Not much is known about the issues contents, but images from WorthPoint suggest that this 16 page issue includes reprinted material from "I Love to Read Batman & Superman #10" (5 Pages) and "Superman & Batman Magazine #1" (6 Pages) [Print Ad]​
      • Dark Claw Adventures
        • Details: While not technically an issue of "Batman & Robin Adventures", this book serves as a tie-in to the cross company Amalgam universe that combined concepts from Marvel and DC as a shared entity. However, unlike the majority of titles in the Amalgam line, this issue specifically serves as a tie-in comic for a non-existent Dark Claw (Batman + Wolverine) show. Due to the same legal issues that have kept the rest of the Amalgam books out of print, it's unlikely we'll ever see the Dark Claw Adventures title receive an official re-print [CBR File]​
      • The Adventures of Batman & Robin in Bat Trap (SCANS NEEDED)
        • Details: "Bat Trap" is a 2 page story for Fox Kids' "Totally Kids Magazine" Autumn 1995 issue. Info from "The Kids Block Blog"​
    • I Love to Read Batman & Superman
      • I'll add my collection to this post over time. Currently, the scans that I've made can be found here.
    • Superman Adventures
      • Batman & Superman Adventures: World's Finest
        • Details: Another direct adaptation, "World's Finest" tackles the plot of the Superman: The Animated series episode of the same name. Just like "Mask of the Phantasm" and "Sub-Zero" before it, this seems to be another issue that's somehow slipped through the cracks for trade collections and digital retailers. [CBR File]​
      • Burger King Ad
        • Details: A one page story covering Jimmy Olsen finding out Burger King has Superman toys [JPG File]
      • Career Day
        • Details: A half page story from "Burger King Kid's Club Adventures" volume 8 Issue 6 in which Superman speaks to the BK Kid's Club characters about littering. [CBR File]
      • Superman Adventures: Exclusive Edition
        • Details: This comic was a promotional pack-in for Superman 64 and serves as a prequel to the game. [CBR File]
    • Batman: Gotham Adventures
      • Claritin Syrup Presents: Batman
        • Details: Another promotional giveaway! "Distributed via the Schering-Plough pharmaceutical sales force to pediatrician’s offices nationwide". Also, there were STICKERS!!! [CBR File]
    • Batman Beyond
      • Batman Beyond: Special Origin Issue
        • Details: This issue saw a few releases, perhaps most notably as a give-away at Six Flags. More or less, through art alterations, the "Special Origin Issue" combines the first two issues of the Batman Beyond tie-in mini-series (An adaptation of "Rebirth"). While this does cut a lot of content, there are a few new additions. Perhaps, most notably, a page set moments before Rebirth's future picks-up with a news report memorializing the 20th anniversary of Batman's final night [link soon]
      • Adventures With the DC Super Heroes
        • Details: There are many issues that will grace this list under this title. However, unlike later counterparts that focus on the Justice League (and were produced by the Con Edison Power Company), this was a milk giveaway! "Part of a $2M yearlong ad and promotional campaign with the National Fluid Milk Processor Education Program and Dairy Management Inc. This comic was distributed free with the purchase of 2 gallons of milk at convenience and grocery stores nationwide". On top of a two page Batman Beyond story, this magazine also featured an interview with the show crew and other DC Comics stories and activities [CBR File]
      • Burger King Kid's Club Adventures Volume 11 Issue 1 (Better Scans Needed)
        • Details: This entry in the Kid's Club collection features an untitled half-page Batman Beyond story in-which Terry tracks down an unseen shape-shifting villain. The final panel is left blank to allow for kid's to use their imagination. Pulled these scans from an eBay listing, so unfortunately there's a tag obfuscating some of the artwork. [CBR File]
    • Justice League Adventures
      • Burger King Mini-Series
        • Details: As part of Burger King's Justice League Kid's Meal promotion, each toy came with a mini-comic specific to the character depicted by the toy. [Scans by World's Finest]
      • Silly Putty Promotional Issues
        • Details: In 2003, FunRise Toys released 2 Justice League branded Silly Putty toys for Batman and Superman. Both are labeled to have been packaged with a mini-comic. I've seen at least one site suggest that there were Flash and Wonder Woman-centirc products as well, but have been unable to confirm. James of the Watchtower Database recently got ahold of both, scans will follow.
      • Adventures With the DC Superheroes: Energy Safety and Efficiency
        • Details: A 2002 giveaway for the Con-Edison Power Company [Scans Soon]​
      • Energy and Safety Adventures with the DC Super Heroes
        • Details: A 2004 giveaway for the Con-Edison Power Company [CBR File]
      • Super Power Meets Horse Power
        • Details: "Super Power Meets Horse Power" is a Justice League/Nascar/Hot Wheels promotional issue that was bagged with programs for the "GFS Marketplace 400 Michigan International Speedway" event. [CBR File]​
    • Justice League Unlimited
      • AOL Flood Safety Messages
        • Details: In 2006, Ty Templeton did multiple Justice League strips for AOL Kids. I've yet to find the completed pieces, but he has some of the line work on his blog [Blog Post 1][Blog Post 2]​
      • Energy & Safety Adventures: Green Lantern and Friends
        • Details: A 2007 giveaway for the Con-Edison Power Company [CBR File]
      • Energy and Safety Adventures with the JLA
        • Details: A 2008 giveaway for the Con-Edison Power Company [CBR File]
    • Batman: Shadow of Sin Tzu
    • Batman/TMNT Adventures
      • Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 (Director's Cut)
        • Details: In 2017, IDW released a Director's Cut version of this series first issue. The story is presented as inked pages without color, and includes the issues script as well as notes from the creative team [CBR File]
    • Various Reprints
      • Details: For the sake of cataloguing, I'll list promotional re-prints here. It's not clear if any of these have significant changes as seen in the Batman Beyond Special Origin Issue, but if they do it would be nice to include them. I am aware of: "Superman Adventures Preview Edition #1 (1996)" from the Warner Bros. Studio Store, "Batman Adventures #25 (1997)" from Best Western, "Superman Adventures #54, #55 (2001)" from Six Flags, "Justice League Adventures #7 (2002)" from Midway Games, "Justice League Adventures #13 (2002)" from Toys R’ Us, "Justice League Adventures #1, #20, #23 (2002-2003)" from Six Flags, "Justice League Adventures (2003)" from Sargento (I believe this is a reprint of Issue #6?), "Justice League Adventures #1 (2004)" from Sour Punch Straws, "Justice League Unlimited #1 (2005) from Mattel, "Batman Gotham Adventures World’s Finest #1 and #2 (2016)" from Pop-Tarts and Wal-Mart, "Justice League Unlimited: Ladies First #1 and #2 (2016)" from Pop-Tarts and Wal-Mart, "Superman Adventures #1 (2016)" from Doritos and Dollar General
    • Assorted Rarities
      • Two-Face: Two of A Kind
      • No Man's Land: The Animated Series
        • Details: This is a story presented in the animated style by Craig Rousseau for "No Man's Land: Secret Files and Origins" the story itself is presented as a TV series within the animated universe. [Comixology Link]
      • Superman and Batman: World's Funnest #1
        • Details: This is a story that follows a fight between Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite as they destroy the DC Multiverse. The DCAU is presented in 2 pages via storyboard thumbnails. It has since been re-released through the "World's Funnest" trade collection which is available digitally on Comixology.​
      • The Bet
      • Static Shock: Wednesday Afternoon
        • Details: A Dwayne McDuffie penned Static story for DC's "9-11 Vol. 2" collection commemorating the September 11th terrorist attacks. With art from Denys Cowan, it's likely that this is more in-line with the Dakotaverse of Milestone Media, but it does feature the cartoon show logo and designs that seem in-line with the animated series [CBR File]​
      • The Grey Ghost (SCANS NEEDED)
        • Details: In 2010, Ty Templeton shared line work for a Gray Ghost strip from "about five years ago" for a Con-Edison in-house magazine. It's unclear whether or not this means it was for one of the "Energy and Safety" titles or something that was only distributed internally. [Blog Post]​
      • Energy and Safety Adventures: Superman and Friends
        • Details: A 2006 giveaway for the Con-Edison Power Company featuring 3 stories, "The Powers of Conservation" presented in the STAS style (and I have to add, the best I've ever seen the characters look in print), "Hazards in the Home" presented partially in the Justice League style (though featuring new designs for Black Canary, Steel, and Supergirl), and "A Whiff of Danger!" which seems wholly disconnected from the DCAU using the Supergirl design from the previous story and the logo from the animated "Krypto the Superdog" show (despite Krypto not matching his design from that series either) [CBR File]​
      • Harley & Ivy in Love is Love
        • Details: A one page story by Paul Dini featuring the animated versions of Harley and Ivy for "Love Is Love", an anthology celebrating love in all froms following the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida. [Comixology Link]​
      • Harley Quinn: Snicker's Ad
        • Details: A 2019 2-page Snickers Ad by ty Templeton that features Harley Quinn and Batman as seen on Batman: The Animated series [CBR Link]​
    • Batman: The Animated Series
      • Batman and the Magician (1995)
        • Details: based on the BTAS episode Zatanna [CBR File from Dris3000]
      • Batman and the Ninja (1995)
        • Details: based on the BTAS episode Day of the Samurai [CBR File from Dris3000]
      • The True Story of Batman (1995)
      • Batman The Terror of Two-Face (1996)
      • Batman: The Joker's Apprentice (1996)
      • Batman and Mr. Freeze (1997)
        • Details: based on the BTAS episode Deep Freeze [CBR File from Dris3000]
      • Batman and Mr. Freeze Subzero (1997)
        • Details: based on the BTAS movie Subzero [CBR File from Dris3000]
      • The True Story of Robin (1998)
    • Superman: The Animated Series
    • The New Batman Adventures
      • Batman The Laughing Fish (1998)
        • Details: based on the BTAS episode The Laughing Fish but it's drawn in the TNBA style [CBR File from Dris3000]
    • DC Superheroes (DCAU Style, pre-Justice League)
    • Batman Beyond
    • Static Shock
    • Justice League
    • Justice League Unlimited
    • TBA (Hope to include style guides, Scripts, magazine interviews and the like)

This list is likely incomplete, and I'm open to adding on other DCAU rarities so long as they don't break the forums rules. If anything listed is a breach of the rules, please let me know and it will be removed. I tried double checking everything with current retailers to make sure everything included is in-fact out of print, but it's possible I may have missed something. Once again, I'll update things as I find the time to, but I wanted to at least get a kick start on this so things would be readily available to those who may be interested.
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