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Mar 26, 2008
I have been noticing in the past few months,
That a Lot of the anime boards have been
shutting down

like Toonami faithful
and now on august 12/2020
the Funimation boards only
are shutting down too

is this board shutting down too?


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Mar 11, 2005
California, USA
As long as traffic remains high, we'll be fine.
Toonami Faithful shut down its forum because it whittled down to just 2 people posting regularly (I was one of them).
Hearing about FUNimation's forum is a surprise to me. Where was the announcement? Did they give a reason?
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Mar 26, 2008
Yes I remember you seeing on the TF boards, and About FUNimation's announcement about shutting down their board ok I heard two things


ZeetherToday at 11:53 AM
because forums are dead
also, the FUNimation ones were basically nonexistent

direct from their discord server / or chat room

and two

a day ago @SPACESHOTX7

@Spaceshotx7 said in Forums closing:
When the forums shut down, if anyone has any ideas for new Funimation licenses, or any other ideas or suggestions for funimations, how are they supposed to submit those?
Either via their Contact Form or on Discord. There are no guarantees it will even be seen on Discord, though, same as on these forums. The best chance for them to see interest in titles is to directly submit feedback on their contact form.


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Nov 9, 2016
Crunchyroll's forums are still a thing and My Anime List and Anime News Network still have forums. It does seem like a lot of people consider threaded forums a 00s relic, although I still prefer them to the clustermess of Reddit. The Adult Swim boards seemed to shut down due to toxicity as that was my former home. It does seem like most discussion here is much friendlier than the cesspool of Adult Swim, but it seems like most focus is on toyetic kids' anime, which is not really my thing. I mostly do my talking on the Toonami board to replace my old experience at the Adult Swim board.

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