One Year Since Toonami's Final Broadcast

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Apr 9, 2005
I tried searching for this subject to see if any else posted a thread, but couldn't find one (plus the Toonami section seems to be gone for good). So I decided to mention this here:

It was a year ago on this very day when Toonami aired its final broadcast and TOM sailed off into the sunset with a "Bang". Shocked at first, I eventually moved on, still getting my anime fix from other outlets like Adult Swim, Syfy and DVD rentals and purchases; however, Toonami still holds a place in my heart. After all, it got me into Gundam, DBZ, Outlaw Star, Ruruouni Kenshin and other series (most of which now hold spots in my DVD collection:)). And even when the shows and packaging were becoming lackluster, it was still a shock to me that one of the greatest animation blocks in my life had been cancelled (and I first saw the news just minutes into the broadcast).

I've mentioned my memories before in other threads like Gundam Wing--first program I ever watched on the block, game reviews (especially Drop Zone with its "?" rating:anime:), bumpers, quotes from TOM and "The Big Guy", slogging through Naruto filler (not al my memories were good ones), and more. What thoughts or memories do you have?
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