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Sep 24, 2003
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What is the hardest anime property to make a balanced fighting game out of? No contest — it would be One Punch Man, by virtue of the title character’s signature power. So how does Bandai Namco plan to pull this off?
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is the title of a three-on-three fighting game coming to consoles and PC at an unannounced time. Saitama, its lead character and the titular One Punch Man, trained so hard to become a superhero that he overdid it and can now make enemies combust into piles with just one punch. Easiest game ever?
It would only be if Bandai Namco wasn’t cheating. We can see Saitama in the trailer trading blows with his partner Genos, an act that should kill Genos. It’s the same character-breaking competitive rule that makes Sonic as slow as Mario in their Olympics games. Perhaps there’s an in-story reason why OPM’s one-punch attacks aren’t working.
The official description only mentions four other fighters, but there will no doubt be more. Lord Boros...
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