One Piece: "Onward Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar" talkback (spoilers)

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Oct 30, 2005
Winthrop, Mass.

One Piece talkback: episode 159(120)

Japanese Title: "Go Forth, Little Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar"
English Title: "Onward Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar"

Conis leads Luffy and company to a boat to get to Upper Yard, but she almost gets hit by "Final Judgment."

Luffy, Usopp and Sanji finally enter Upper Yard, but what do they find there? Meanwhile, what's become of Robin and company? Can they be saved from the altar?

Monkey D. Luffy-
The captain of the straw hat crew, he is a kid with boundless optimism. He has one goal in life- To be Pirate king which can only be accomplished by finding Gold Roger's legendary One Piece. If he wants you in the crew, you’re in the crew.

Roronoa Zolo (Zoro)
- The former pirate hunter has become Luffy's first man, and his three sworded technique is almost unbeatable. He travels with Luffy hoping to encounter the greatest swordsmen.

- Nami has one goal: to map the entire ocean while becoming rich in the process. As a result, she joins Luffy's crew, With her ability to sense when the weather is going to change and her ability to use the Grand Line's special compasses, Nami is the best navigator around!

- Originally Usopp was an liar, but Luffy and company made him feel welcome in ways he never could have imagined. Usopp is more of a coward, and his eyes can nail almost any target at will.

- Sanji was brought aboard by his goal of finding The Legendary Deep Blue, but also his desire to become a master chef everyone would know. There are two things that define him. His love for women and his hate of anyone who wastes food.

Tony Tony Chopper
- Once an alienated reindeer, he found lifetime friends in Luffy’s crew. His cursed fruit powers allow him to transform into many different forms. He can also increase the number of forms with an item called the Rumble Ball.

Nico Robin
- An archeologist, Robin seeks the Rio Poneglyph, which is said to contain the true history of the world. She possesses the power of the "Hana-Hana Fruit", which let's her sprout her body parts like flowers.

No spoilers should be given out. If a spoiler must be given out, make sure it's a minor one and it's spoiler-tagged. No discussing the Cookie People 9 or Etotic Lobby. And, especially not the Thousand Mooney or the Baby back fight.

I mean, discussing Tire 2 and Tire 3 would be very bad wouldn't it? =P

NOTE: I'm stressing that everybody stays on-topic! It's kinda annoying having two different discussions going on in this thread.
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The old-school DK is back!
Oct 4, 2004
Showtime! Will it top Naruto in entertainment? Maybe.
I doubt it. We're not even close to that part of the arc yet.

I swear that the Funi Dub narrator reminds me of the narrator from Captain N for some reason.


The old-school DK is back!
Oct 4, 2004
"Onward Crow?"

"Bite Me!"
Coincidentally, I've been watching a lot of MST3K episodes recently....

Gotta love the fun Sonny Straight must be having with voicing Usopp.

Well it looks like Gum Gum Bazooka is properly named. No more Double Barrel crap. (Likely this means the same for attacks as a whole)

Gotta love Chopper.


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Jan 29, 2005
Did that worm from The Empire Strikes Back suddenly make it's way into One Piece?


Apr 4, 2005
You no all of this talk about Eneru makes me really wonder what he looks like >_>(I bet hes fat since Kings have to be fat hahahahaha...)


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