One month to go before Save Hey Arnold! Day

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Sep 4, 2003
I'm posting this on behalf of Stephen Pace, don't know if it's okay. Anyways, June 28, 2002 was the day Hey Arnold! The Movie was released in US theaters, and as a result, Stephen has declared June 28 (along with December 28) "Save Hey Arnold! Day". The idea is that on that day, we're supposed to write letters to Nick about getting Nick to make a 2nd Arnold flick. As for how to write a good one... hit it Stephen:

How to Write Your Bi-Yearly Letters
Your bi-yearly letters should be composed of effort, hard work, and thoughtfulness. It should be a result of 6 months of processing thoughts, and about a week of turning those thoughts into sentences. You should not use spelling errors or grammar mistakes. You should try to persuade Nickelodeon with ingenuity, inventive skill, and cleverness. The write-in only comes twice a year so give it all you got.
First, start your letter with a greeting. For this example, I'm going to use the friendly letter format. You can use the greeting Dear, or you can just do this: Nickelodeon, .
Your first sentence should have a strong beginning. You should knock whoever is reading your letter off their feet. An example of a strong beginning would be something like, "Nickelodeon was made by a bunch of fart faces!!!!'' No, don't really say that (hehe). Stay with the point, to bring production of the show back so Nick will know what you're talking about. Say something like, "Why pay so little attention to a show with so many dedicated fans?" That's not as strong as I was going for, so use your creativity and wit and think of something original and strong.
Now that you have made your first statement you need to build off it. You must think of persuasive reasons as to why to bring production back to the show, or the movie alone. Start with simple things, like, "Most of the film is done anyway. The show is left on a cliffhanger and you should please your eager fans. The Jungle doesn't have to be a theatrical movie, it can be a NickFlick." As you progress through your letter, build suspense. When you write reasons as to why Nick should produce a movie, start with facts that make little impact ("I really like it so will you make it please"), and then move on to huge booming facts ("Craig already told people at to expect a second movie. You would not be a network for kids if you just ignored their pleas.").
Suspense should be growing until you reach the final conclusion of your letter. Your conclusion should be satisfying to you, and like the opening sentence, it should be strong and blow them away. However, the impact should be twice as memorable. Once again, use your inventive skill and think of a satisfying conclusion.
Remember, keep everything in sequential order. Doing so will make your writing flow easier. Also, stick to the facts completely, do not throw in things you aren't sure about. Below are some facts that will be helpful and aid in your writing process:

• Hey Arnold! The Movie was originally intended to be a Nickflick. Nickelodeon decided the film would do better in theaters, but that proved to be wrong. Next to Doug, HA!TM received the least amount of money on it's opening day of all Nickelodeon-related movies.
• The Jungle was decided to end the series. Nick would not produce the movie because of problems with the scripts (in other words they still planned to but they had to work out the kinks).
• Craig Bartlett (the creator if you haven't known that) made a deal with Cartoon Network to make a cartoon (Party Wagon). Nickelodeon wanted Craig to sign a contract to stay with Nick exclusively, but he refused to and the network stopped all production on the film.

Until Nickelodeon stops airing Hey Arnold!, it is never too late to try and reassure their decisions. However, it is still imperative that we start now . It is not wise to put writing a letter off or miss the bi-annual write-in.
This is the only method for fans to try to unite and save their favorite show. Petitions are widely spread, but Nickelodeon wants to hear from the majority of their viewing audience, not their signatures. Anything online will go no where. Do not bother writing to anyone at The email given is for games suggestion and questions about... anything.
Writing letters have worked before with Nickelodeon. Rugrats finished production in 1994, but after numerous letters from fans requesting more Nickelodeon decided to put the show back on production. Look at it now! It has had 2 movies, a crossover, and now a spin-off. There is always hope. Where there's a will there's a way.

And here's the address you'll need to send your letters to:
Nickelodeon Networks
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Jul 14, 2003
Detroit, MI
It's been nearly two years. I don't think there's any hope of bringing the show back, especially since Craig B has moved on to other projects.

Shows end. Deal with it.


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Sep 12, 2002
I have one very serious question:

Who the heck is Stephen Pace?


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Jun 24, 2001
Glen Cove, NY
HumanWormbaby said:
It's been nearly two years. I don't think there's any hope of bringing the show back, especially since Craig B has moved on to other projects.

Shows end. Deal with it.
I'm with you, dude.

Rover, give it up.
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